Thursday, December 14, 2017

An Entirely Selfish Gift Guide.

Yeah, so I am one of those people who Christmas shops with a one-for-you-two-for-me mentality because when else am I looking SO HARD for good stuff? I also want good stuff! I am a terrible person and it's definitely better to give than to receive and peace on earth and all that stuff. Sure.

But...I also think you have to make your own fun and sometimes a list just happens. Here's what's on my Christmas List for Me right now:

These Madewell Chelsea boots are haunting me.  They've been in my cart for weeks and I'm scared they'll sell out before they get cheap enough for me to justify buying them. (Edited to add: they just sold out in my size. Woe.) But, it's not like Madewell will never have chelsea boots again, right? RIGHT? 

Also, do not follow Liberty London on Instagram because holy shit. They make me want so much stuff. Like:

This zip-top pouch is one of my very favorite Liberty prints. I don't need a little pouch but I do, right? Oh, I definitely do.

I also love this tote as well and I'm pretty sure I've posted it before. So useful and beautiful and yes, I hate myself for even looking at it. Stahp.

So, the other thing is that I have almost no "real" jewelry and every now and then I feel like I could be a better adult person if I had, say,  this lightning bolt necklace from Wolf and Badger which is basically killing me:

It is legit super tiny and ridiculously expensive and booooooooo. I can't have it. In that same vein is this incredibly beautiful and stupid single diamond earring lightning bolt that I would wear to my grave, or so I assume. (Though this more literal version from Catbird is rad too.) I'd also love something super minimal like these tiny gold bar earrings. I guess I could be super bargain-y and get these glorious Annie Fensterstock diamond earrings from TJ Maxx:

I gasped when I first saw them and then got lightheaded when I saw the price. Like, HAHAHA NOT FOR YOU DUMMY.  This pair is even better/worse. I can't keep talking about them. NEXT THING:

Has anyone bought a pair of these (only slightly too expensive) Mahabis slippers? Are they magical? Because really I want shearling Birkenstocks or another pair of Uggs slippers but something about the Mahabis ads just make them seem like they'd change my life a little. Apparently I really want expensive slippers that can be worn outside.

In other news, Anthro just put a bunch of winter stuff on sale "up to" 40% off and now I want this giant Michael Stars carnigan gin sweater::

I KNOW I KNOW. It looks so drapey and good but also substantial. Wouldn't I look cute in that? I think so too. Finally, I think I need some fresh fun makeup. I definitely want to make sure that the crazy Hourglass lipstick ends up in my stocking (because I will put it there) but I'm also super into this Charlotte Tilbury palette:

I need this like a glowy hole in the head but it just seems like a useful and delightful set. I also want to try her three-way eyebrow pencil and HOLD UP. I have found it. I have found the thing I need more than any other thing:

HEART EYES EMOJI! What on earth! A kitty pouch and lipstick set? This is it, you guys. This is the thing that wins the gift guide Internet today. Thank you and good day.


  1. I am out of control with the purchases for myself. My favorite so far is this little number (It's 40% off)

    1. *weeping* NOW I WANT THAT TOO THANKS.

    2. I feel that is my duty to let everyone know about this sweater.

  2. I have some Mahabis and they are super comfy, but only a little bit life-changing (in that being able to slip them on and run out to the mailbox, etc is convenient and living in slippers at home all day long without feeling slouchy is good). I didn't really get into the whole sole-swapping thing and only wear them with the original ones that came on them. If you are at all self-conscious about your feet looking big these are not for you as they are not dainty, but relative to Uggs and Birks they look a bit more shoe-like and less bulky.

  3. Nice picks - it's hard to resist once the shop monster has been wakened! I think the Madewell boots look great - wanted to know if you've seen the Ten Points chelsea boots on the Lotta Stockholm site? I got the Pandora in black this fall and I live in them pretty much.


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