Thursday, December 28, 2017

Adrien: Party Camo.

Hi there! I hope you all survived the Christmas onslaught and if you're lucky enough to have the week off I hope you're reading this from your couch or bed or somewhere that's not work. I do have the week off and the result of that is that I take photos in the late afternoon instead of the morning and they look like crap. Sorry! 

ANYWAY, did you buy those camo jeggings from Target? Are you struggling with how to wear them that doesn't make you look like you joined the Army? I felt like that the first few times but now I just wear them as I would any pattern. In fact, I decided to try and dress them up for a party and this is the result: 

It's a bit odd but I think it works. If you're not a fan of the Target jegging option, I think these camo Sanctuary jeans look good or you could with something darker like these Hudson jeans (more sizes here). I also think something like these not-so-tight grey camo pants would work great. 

Now, all you need is a Kim France "party in a top" and you're good to go. Mine is Violet & Claire which is one of those weird brands only found at TJ Maxx. It's drapey and has a fairly subtle jeweled collar and I've worn it a ton this holiday season. And it was so inexpensive! And washable! I can't find it online but TJ Maxx has this jeweled neck petite top that I think is super pretty. For something similar to mine, I love this embellished blouse at Ann Taylor and this one with the beaded collar at Modcloth. I also found this similarly drapey option at Last Call. 

Look at me suffering through those high heels. God, how did I wear those all day? I kept my accessories pretty delicate and simple up top because the jeweled collar does most of the work. Here are the details:

I'm wearing my tiny labradorite necklace which is sold out but check out this one by Shashi! I'm also wearing a tiny silver lariat style necklace that I think came in a Popsugar box? I can't remember but there are tons of similar options, like this one from Gorjana and I also love this extra-long version from BR. My cocktail ring is Alexis Bittar, which came from the Box of Style and can be found on Poshmark and the like. 

Still wearing high heels! I used to wear this pair of Chie Miharas all the time but now I rarely pull them out because, heels. Luckily, Chie has gotten on board with the lower heels and there are a bunch on sale at Nordstrom! I love these red mary janes and this pair of studded t-straps is adorable.

I'm carrying my grey MBMJ hobo which I finally rotated back in. So good! Nordstrom Rack still has it in pale grey and black, just FYI. (There are also some MJ bags/pouches on clearance but it's mostly the weird stuff.)

That's it! I am back to wearing my Gap joggers and a sweatshirt for the rest of the week. Yay.

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  1. I like when I click on the link to look at the Chis and I get the message "Thanks for shopping Canada!" like I am representing Canada and need to be moved to my own special website for my own good. Hehe. Love the sparky Chis, but I am the same and rarely wear heels...I cannot wear heels without my feet really hurting by midday.