Tuesday, December 19, 2017

BUY THIS (Because I Did): GAP Sale Can't Stop Won't Stop

Look, I'm sorry. I was going to post an outfit today but then I wandered over to Gap to see if my favorite joggers were marked down to nothing yet and WHEEE. They are! Sadly, they're nearly sold out in all colors except light grey, but with the sale pricing plus code CHEERY for 40% off (and try stacking code MORE for an extra 10% off) plus 8% cash back on eBates and I was like, well shit. So I ordered:

so basic.

Yes. Another pair of my beloved French Terry Joggers aka Basic Sweatpants. I am not as crazy about the light grey as I am about the washed black but let's be real - these are not going to see the light of day. They are purely indoor cookie-eating binge-watching gin-drinking holiday pants. Because I hate to pay for shipping I felt like I had to order something else so I pounced on these Chelsea rain boots:

Not Madewell.

Other than tall Hunter boots I don't actually own rain boots and these are hella cute. They get decent reviews and were basically free, so yay for rubber Chelsea boots even if they're not dreamy Madewell leather Chelsea boots (sob.) I was also very tempted to order this cute olive puffer jacket because I love the color:

But then I remembered my other million existing jackets and did not order it because I am a very serene minimalist type person. Hahaha. I didn't order it shut up. It would look cute on you. You could also get a ridiculously good deal on this cute jersey dress that you won't freeze in because sleeves:

And would someone please just get this weird metallic sweatshirt so I can stop thinking about it? I kind of love it but need it not at all:

I am a robot.

Finally, these jeans with the zip pockets look really cute and come in a bunch of colors and you should maybe try them and let me know. For blog science:

Science is real.

Go forth and get nearly-free Gap clothes! They're throwing them at you in desperate piles and it would be rude to refuse.

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  1. I went to the Gap yesterday with a friend... I seriously got a pair of jeans for less than $10!!!! It was one of those rare clearance rack finds when additional % off and then another % off for using my Gap card. It was amazing!!!

    P.S. those madewell Chelsea boots keep popping back. I had my eye on the black pair but I gave up. I wound up getting nisolo boots which are a little more modern take on the classic Chelsea and, unfortunately, a little more money... But soooooooooo comfy.


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