Thursday, December 21, 2017

Adrien: Dress Yourself in Flannel and Denim.

Look, I know plaid shirts are a thing again. They're classic but also seem to show up every 10 years or so, all, "I'm in again! LOVE ME." So I did the opposite of what I would normally do and instead of spending too much on a super cute trendy Anthro number I went for the real thing: 

Oh yeah, my friends. That right there is a thick plaid flannel from LL Bean. I freaking love it. It's very warm and very comfortable and even though it claims to be "slightly fitted" it's basically a sack. Did I mention I love it? They have several different styles of flannel shirt and I am considering the Whisper Lodge in the purple plaid as my next purchase. This is what it's come to. 

If you're into a plaid shirt but want some actual shape or style this one by Vince is breaking my heart a little and I also love this one by Rebecca Taylor (a few more sizes here.) If you're looking for a bargain, I've heard good things about Old Navy flannel shirts and this O'Neill plaid shirt is really cute and not too expensive. And listen, if you want plaid and crazy sleeves, Loft has you covered. I don't judge. I'm also wearing my Madewell coated denim jeans which I like because they're super black and sort of pass as normal pants at work. Has anyone tried Gap's black coated jeans? They look great and they're so cheap right now! 

Oooh, doesn't that look soft and warm? It is. I'm wearing only my little Labradorite pendant which can be found at Nordstrom Rack and also comes in a chalcedony version which is quite pretty. Aw crap, I just found this charm necklace by the same designer and now I want that too. Really though, I should be wearing some kind of punk rock statement necklace with this shirt and work it a little harder. Next time!

So yeah, I have so far managed to not buy a new pair of Madewell boots (even though they're 30% off right now) and instead I'm going to wait and see what kind of deals they have after Christmas. I am a serene, saint-like person, really. I do still love my Lucien boots from last year and I wear them a ton plus I don't need boots. I don't need boots. I don't need boots.

I'm carrying my eBay rescue Marc Jacobs Paradise Rio satchel and it was SUCH a good buy. It's totally broken me out of my hobo slump and it's all I want to carry lately. There is one on eBay (not my auction) that looks like a bargain just in case you were looking. I'm the worst, I'm sorry/not sorry.


  1. I bought that same shirt last year and it’s soooooo soft. My 14 year old just wore it to school for “flannel shirt day” and came home not wanting to give it back.

  2. Those LL Bean "slightly fitted" flannels are the VERY EFFING BEST! I've bought two this season -- the blackwatch and the Grey Stewart -- and I usually wear them unbuttoned over a fitted tank or cami, on account of I am An Old (lol 44) with shitty thermoregulation and am always either blazing hot and sweating through the pits of my shirt (time to take off the flannel) or freezing (put it back on, maybe button it, until the next internal heat wave). The fabric is thick and wonderful, the shape suits me, and the colors are gorgeous. ALSO: The Gap coated jeans are fan-freakin-tastic; I wore them with T-strap heels and a velvet spaghetti-strap cami to a party and the entire outfit was a hit. They look like leather in low light, and so many people asked me about them that I felt like I was back at my old job, repping the brand ... ;-)

    1. Girl, I'm an "old" who's older than you! And yaaaay LLBean flannel!


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