Monday, May 24, 2021

Monday Mood: Marianne Needs a Beach Bag.

If you follow Marianne on IG you may have seen her call to action about needing a new extra-large beach bag. She currently has a Land's End canvas bag and wants to set it on fire. Here were her requirements:

She got a LOT of great responses and we thought it would be fun to make this into a blog post. So here are her top contenders: 

Contender #1: 

Marianne: The Patagonia Black Hole Gear Tote is one of my top contenders. Love everything Patagonia stands for and I know it'll hold up forever. $99, sustainably made, lifetime warranty. 

Contender #2:

Marianne: The Travel Cloud bag from Baggu. $78, super light, looks the most comfortable to carry. I do wish it had a bit more structure though. Either way, buying a set of cute Baggu pouches to corral sunscreen, goggles, etc.

Contender #3:

Marianne: The 3 Girls Tote from Scout. I like the structure (no tipping over!), the zipper and it's super light. And cheaper at $54. 

Honorable Mention:

Marianne: Also probably buying this Target bag that was recommended because it's $10, mesh, and seems like a great backup for second bag for sandy toys or wet towels. Also, this gingham swimsuit at Target is my current fav! 

PS. She's set on one of these options and isn't still looking but if you want to share your fav in the comments, feel free! 


  1. I have the travel cloud bag that I use as my casual weekender bag and I love it! It never occurred to me to use it as a beach bag, but I think it would work great for that.

    What I do use though for a beach bag is this one:

    I have three that are my grocery bags, and it's back up purpose is beach bag, and it works great. Definitely not structured though, but it's huge, lightweight, and has pockets, and is easy to throw in the washing machine, which are my criteria.

  2. I'm gonna vote for the target bag! Its pattern is the cutest, and I have a very similar one I got two years ago (from target). Before that I had a mesh bag I got free from Old Navy that I had had for at least 10 years, so I feel like 'quality' might be pretty subjective when it comes to this purchase category. YMMV?

  3. I don't have the particular Baggu bag you feature here but I do own five of their bags and love them. They are sturdy, well-made, and practically indestructible.

  4. I'm a big fan of rareform bags. I have a few in different sizes for day trips and vacations.


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