Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A Shopping Story (IRL!)

Lately I've been dealing with the downfall of my pandemic weight gain - a good portion of my before-times spring wardrobe doesn't fit, which makes me feel shitty. There's nothing like looking at all of your clothes and knowing they ain't for you right now. It sucks, y'all. I decided since I had to go to the mall to return something, I might as well see if I can find some fun new things for my right-now-times body. Shopping in stores! IRL! 

I went to Madewell, tried a few things on that looked awful and left. I went to Anthro and walked around and around and around and nothing looked like ME. It all seemed too much, too frilly, too young. I went to LOFT and had a similar experience - most of the spring colors weren't for me and nothing I'd seen online seemed to be in the store. Nobody helped me, nobody approached me, nobody offered to take the items I was holding. I walked out. We've all had this experience, right? Worst. 

Then I saw a store called EVEREVE, which I'd never heard of, and went in to check it out. An hour later I'd tried on nearly everything in the store, helped by two employee stylists who were kind, attentive and listened to me. They don't work on commission - they're specifically trained to be in-store stylists so women don't feel adrift when shopping. 

Now, I get that sometimes you don't want to be bothered by the sales associates but if you're in the right mood and in the right store - give it a try. They'll bring you things you wouldn't have considered or that look better on a person than a hanger. It might be the best customer service experience I've ever had in a boutique and I walked away with several pieces that I love and that work with my life and body right now. I'm not going to tell you yet what I bought (that's a slow-rollout for outfit posts!) but here are some of the things I tried on:

The colors in this top is are brighter IRL and it's so floaty and easy to wear.

I can't find this Sanctuary dress on the Evereve site, but it's a perfect light, loose summer dress.

This little hoodie is by Chaser and it's soft as hell and lightweight but warm. I love the twilight colors! 

This linen blouse by Cloth & Stone fit just right with no button-gaping.

Y'all, this dress is not done justice by photos. It's so dramatic and pretty in person. Plus, tassels! 

I guess tie dye is the new camo? This is technically a sweatshirt but was super light and soft.

I loved this dress in theory but it's for a smaller chest than mine. I do love the color and the longer tiered style. Plus, it's washable! No dry cleaning for summer, thank you. 

One of the stylists was wearing this and I thought it was SO cute. I didn't actually try it on 

This dress print was pretty wild but has such a flattering, body skimming cut. I tried it on a few times. 

This crazy duster wrap was brought to me and I was like, no. Then she showed me the eight different ways you can throw it over whatever and make it fashion and I was like, maybe?

Just a disclaimer: while I do make commissions on click-through purchases, I was not paid for this review. It was just such a good experience I wanted to share it.


  1. JoLynneShane.com shops at EVEREVE. You might consider following her--her style is good too.

  2. I love Evereve! They opened in Dallas a couple of years ago and I've discovered so many brands in their store. Their trendsend box is great -- like an actual person picks pieces based on what you say you're looking for and what your body type is. Definitely put their sale rack in your IRL shopping rotation!

  3. They used to be called Hot Mama or something like that and everyone thought they were a maternity store. So name change. That hoodie is AMAZING.

    1. Ha! What a terrible name - I see why they changed it. The hoodie runs big, FYI.

  4. We moved last Fall (pandemic city-fleeing) and there's now an Evereve near me. I haven't stopped in because I didn't recognize the name but then I started getting their catalog and they had so many cute things! It seemed contemporary but not overly trendy and not in a Chicos way. I'm so glad you had a good experience. Now I'll definitely stop in!

  5. That Eden dress is fab. No stores near me, sadly. Do you think they are true to size?

  6. It sounds like a fab store! I feel like everyone needs a push out of their comfort zone. I gravitate towards the same things all the time and had no idea until a stylist told me last year that mustard yellow is my colour!


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