Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Review: Allbirds Tree Runners (and an outfit!)

I'd been starting to look for a new pair of everyday sneakers and recently hung out with a friend who's a big fan of Allbirds. I've been curious about the brand so I checked out the site and decided to order a pair of Tree Runners, which, unlike the popular Wool Runners, are made from"breezy eucalyptus tree." I mean, okay? Sure. I ordered them and FedEx promptly lost them somewhere in Tennessee. Cool. I called Allbirds and they promptly send me another pair which arrived yesterday in a neat shoe/shipping box combo:

I love that the packaging is all recycled cardboard and there's no waste. The shoes were also pretty damn cute right out of the box:

They're meant to be worn without socks (if that's your jam) and the insole and inside of the heel is lined with the same soft wool as their wool shoe offerings. So comfy! They don't do half sizes so if you're between sizes, they suggest sizing down for the Tree Runners. I went with my usual shoe size 8:

I have narrow ankles but square toes so I was concerned they wouldn't be be wide enough in the toe box for me but I think they're fine! A size up would've been too big. The limited edition color I bought is "peppercorn" which is a dark grey with a hint of olive green. I love the color but I also really want a pair of high tops in this purple-red color. (Yeah, I'm already talking about buying another pair.) 

I'll be honest, this is an out-of-the-box review because I haven't had a chance yet to wear them out in the world. Does around the house count? So far they're really comfortable and I love how they look. They're very stretchy, so they do have some big toe-poke action, but I have large big toes, so I'm used to that. 

Anyway, I took an outfit pic because why not:

I usually start from the top, but first I want to talk about my jeans. I recently tried on a bunch of my jeans and mostly they fit but they're all feeling a little snug and I'm tired of skinny jeans, you guys. I just wanted some comfortable jeans that still looked cool. I am a big fan of the Madewell Slim Boyjeans but the current (non-high rise) offering wasn't quite what I wanted. Instead I found an older style on Poshmark and they are PERFECT. For something similar, check out these Levi's at Target

My striped sweatshirt is from BR a few years back and it's still one of my favorite tops. It's hard to find anything truly similar but this one has a similar vibe and this one from Boden is SO cute. Also, check out this cute striped number from Old Navy! Details:

I dusted off an old favorite - my Dean Davidson labradorite tassel. It's long sold out but this one is really pretty. I also recently upgraded my Apple Watch 3 to the new SE model and I love it. It has a slightly bigger face which is very welcome. (Read: I AM VERY OLD.) 

One last look as my new-to-me jeans and my awesome new Allbirds Tree Runners! I'm comfortable but don't feel like a slob, which is always the goal. 


  1. These are easily the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Problem is I went through about a pair per year (for the last 3 years). I don't know if my foot is shaped weird but my big toe keeps breaking through the material (even though I keep my nails well trimmed). They were kind enough to replace the first pair but said that it may happen again. I switched over to the wool runners and haven't broken through yet!

  2. Unrelated to this post, but apparently Malin+Goetz put summer in a candle just for you?


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