Wednesday, September 23, 2020

We Discuss: Jacket Weather.

A: I have a confession.

M: You stole a pony?

A: I wish.

A: Don’t be mad.

M: Jeez, what??

A: I ordered your Madewell jacket.

M: Haaaaaaaaa

M: Of course!

M: 😂😂😂

M: Why would I be mad.

A: I’m a copycat.

A: Nothing I currently own fits so.

M: It’s a good jacket.

A: It arrived today and it’s cute AF but I’m not sure if the color works on me.

M: Oh yeah I hadn’t thought about the red hair with that russet color.

A: It’s cute, but the color is way different from the website pics.

A: I need to take pics for you. I also think it’s too big.

M: What size did you get.

A: A medium.

M: After much dithering I got a large.

A: By the way, be proud. I just threw away expensive makeup because it looked weird.

M: Hahahaa I am proud!

A: Jacket pics coming your way:

A: And, just for funsies, I tried on my Costco coat from a couple of years back:

A: Womp

M: Okay, I know that Costco coat may feel too small but doesn’t look it. The Madewell coat is too big and I don’t know if that’s your color :/

A: Oh, that Costco jacket is SO SO TIGHT.

A: But yeah, the pics made me realize the Madewell jacket ain't for me. I really hope you love it, though! I think it’s got potential.

M: I hope so too!

A: I wish I could find that Madewell Sezane jacket in a size up. Damn quarantimes.

M: I should just give you mine but I’m sentimentally attached.

A: No, hang on to it. It’s so good.

A: I’ll just get something else as a placeholder - maybe this one:

M: Cute

A: I just need a light, neutral jacket for in-between weather, which is now, apparently

M: Fall sure settled in quick.


M: Haha, Order another candle! I want this one:

A: Girl. I just ordered that Amazon candle you told me to get.


A: Okay, I just bought a Very Basic olive jacket with the Madewell discount. This one:

M: Good!

A: And sent back the other one.

A: I mean, I actually have a rain jacket so I just needed a fall layer that actually fits my ass.

M: Preach.

A: I don’t even know why I bother, I can literally wrap myself in fleece and nobody will even know.

M: Yeah but might as well get something you’ll wear after this is over.

A: I do go to the grocery store sometimes.

M: Haha

M: Live it up

A: I might go to WEGMANS. So fancy.

M: Put on a formal gown!

A: I should order one, right?


  1. Thanks for this, I always appreciate your reviews. FYI that the Dispatch Jacket link is going to a broken page at Madewell.

  2. I really like the LL Bean utility jacket. I have it in gray, and trying to decide if I *need* it in either of the greens.

  3. Maybe not quite what you're looking for, but I just bought the Chore jacket from Everlane and I love it!