Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Just Something I Liked.

Sometimes I plan my blog outfits and sometimes (most times tbh) I get dressed in a hurry and rush out the door. Occasionally I will be pleased with my rushed outfit and take a quick photo so I can recreate it later for the blog. That's what you're getting today, more or less. Hooray? 

I'm technically wearing mostly black but they're different shades of black so I am feeling okay about it. My top is the Zephyr Shell from Athleta and it is really more of a washed black with darker black trim. I love this top because it weighs nothing and, despite being cropped and boxy, it somehow hits me just right. Oh, it also comes in a really pretty navy print! I like that one a lot. 

My jeans are Madewell and they're the thrifted jeans I mentioned on Monday! I am pretty stoked about them because they are SUPER black with no whiskering or distressing, so I've been wearing them to work and pretending like they absolutely are not jeans. Shh. They are such a good, pigmented black that they make my top look blue. (It's not, I promise.) 

We're supposed to have storms later so I threw on this absolutely not waterproof jacket, mainly because I miss it. It's Madewell et Sezane from a few years back. It's long sold out but this Madewell surplus jacket looks like a good substitute. If you want something that might actually be waterproof, this cute Columbia trench comes in a good olive green! On to details: 

Hey, I got a haircut and wow is my face SHINY. Anyway, I'm wearing the same jewelry I've been wearing all summer - my labradorite Panacea earrings (I couldn't find a similar but isn't this pair beautiful?) and my much-loved Dean Davidson tassel (sold out, but this one is similar.) 

Shoes and bag! This is a lot of pattern and I didn't entirely think this through but I don't hate it. My flats are Madewell Reid ballet flats and I really love them. This is my second or third pair of Madewell leopard flats and these are by far the most comfortable. I'm also carrying my Liberty of London Marlborough tote (link is to the bigger version) which I found on Poshmark. I typically carry it more in the fall/winter but decided I don't care anymore. That's it! 


  1. Cute, cute, cute! And you look so happy. Love the new piecey haircut.

  2. Your new chop is the best. Just love it on you!

  3. This haircut looks amazing on you!

    I'm the one who sent you a photo of my long bangs pixie cut on IG when you mentioned considering your haircut....and I'm so happy you did it!

    (maybe I'm wrong in presuming that I'm the only one who sent you a photo??)

    1. You aren't wrong! You were the only one to send awesome personal hair pics. :)