Wednesday, August 7, 2019

We Discuss: Garbage Tees and Sack dresses.

A: I was home yesterday with a migraine and when I was feeling a little better I did a half-hearted closet edit. Why do I hold onto things I haven’t worn in ages? Am I really going to be sad I didn’t keep that garbage dress from Marshall's that doesn’t fit me anymore?

M: Aw man I am sorry about your migraine!

A: I’m still coming out of it.

M: Yeah I feel like I am constantly purging and constantly finding more stuff to toss

A: It’s just so dumb. Like, I finally got rid of that cute Old Navy dress you gave me that no longer fits me and looks all sad and droopy

M: And then I do stupid stuff like get rid of ALL of my t-shirts except for my new Madewell ones
and then guess what happens when I need to do yard work? I ruin them

A: I always keep a pile of garbage tees to wear around the house and stuff

M: Yes it was a mistake

A: I don’t really have pajamas, I have a sad collection of old t-shirts and at-home pants

M: I need to find a happy medium

A: Plus, those Everlane tees get real soft after a year

M: I love those pajama shorts from Screw Factory


A: Hahaha

M: Ha


M: truth

M: I am wearing my black kaftan dress at work today and I’ve gotten so many complements! I am really tempted by the leopard print but I am verging on Too Many animal print dresses

A: Yay! I am just so into a floaty sack dress and that dress looks great on you

M: Ugh it’s SO CUTE I should just get it

A: Just get it

A: It’s $35

M: The blue batik pattern is also real cute but I need to rein it in maybe

A: It is, but I like the leopard better

M: Ah sold out in my size

A: Aw, fuck

M: The leopard it says is in stock in a 10 but won’t let me add it 😟

A: Booooo

A: It says sold out on my end

M: womp

M: Well that answers that. It may come back though, the black one did

A: Keep an eye on it

M: always


  1. I'm wearing a whisper tee today and I want to buy all of the colors. They're so good.

  2. A pic of you in the black kaftan dress please. Thanks.