Tuesday, August 13, 2019

We Discuss: Yesterday Stuff.

M: Damn it now I want your shorts

A: Ha, sorry. They’re really good though

M: I am becoming a person who just wears athletic shorts and t-shirts on the weekend

A: I literally just bought them full price because I am not fucking around

M: Hell yeah

A: They are super comfy but also cute enough to pass for real clothing

M: Also for your hair I like AG Texture Gloss a lot

M: Also Oribe texture spray

M: The spray is more volume-y

A: Ha, I thought I had a travel sized Oribe spray and was like, what did I do with it? Oh, I gave it to Marianne.

M: hahahaha

A: I have a few little bottles of texture spray stuff - the Kristen Ess stuff at Target and Ouai Texture Spray I got in a box. Both are quite underwhelming.

M: oops

A: Like, my hair is just giving me the middle finger

M: I think Oribe Texturizing Spray is the only spray worth fussing with

A: Oribe is good stuff

M: It’s a dry-er texture, like I use it on day three because it almost works as a dry shampoo too

A: Right, both of these products are supposed to be that

M: The AG texture gloss is more like a pomade

A: That interests me

M: I use it on the ends only

A: Oh, of course

M: Oh and this stuff!

M: You might love this actually

A: YES. I wanted that when you posted about it a few years ago

M: Walmart has it for $12

A: I hate Walmart but I am willing to go and get some of that

M: I mean online

M: I would never advise GOING to Walmart

A: OH. Haha!

A: I was like, you are making me go to Walmart...?

A: Crisis averted

M: Hahahaha

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