Monday, August 5, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Sale Doldrums.

August is kind of the worst shopping month, isn't it? We're all super tired of summer clothes but not yet on board with buying for fall because it's still a million degrees outside. It's a good month to lay low or to scoop up weird one-off bargains from the outlet websites. (Guess which option I chose?)

FIRST, I want to let y'all know that the $80 Frye tote seems to be available for sale again at TJ Maxx:

GO GET IT. I WILL WAIT. I checked over the other clearance items at TJ Maxx and didn't find anything compelling. That tote is definitely the best of the lot. I then checked out Off Fifth to see what I could find. Here's what I found:

This adorable Rebecca Minkoff leopard print backpack is $45 with code FALLSTYLE. $45! If leopard isn't your thing, never fear, it comes in a bunch of solid colors as well. (But the leopard is the best, isn't it?)

Next I checked out Last Call. When I clicked on the site they gave me a limited time extra 10% off coupon! I am not very impressed with the clearance offerings but I do have my eye on this Lulu Frost charm necklace:

I am waiting for it to be cheaper but it's still a good price for Lulu Frost. I also found these cute grey 7FAMK jeans that are under $50 and would transition well into fall: 

Ooh, and these Lisa Freede climber earrings are so pretty and a very good price with the extra 10% off: 

Finally I went to Nordstrom Rack which is looking kind of sad right now BUT I did find these quite perfect looking Madewell jeans:

Dark wash, high rise (but not crazy high), no fuss. Basically perfect. Full disclosure: they're also on the Madwell site for the same price but Nordstrom Rack has a LOT more sizes.

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