Wednesday, August 21, 2019

We Discuss: Fall Shoes, The Sequel.

M: Fall wish list so far: new sunglasses, shearling Arizonas, animal print mules

A: I want those snakeskin mules, shearling Boston clogs, and a really good raincoat. Oh, and I actually legit need a new striped shirt. I killed the one from J.Crew.

M: I’d like another drape-y trench type jacket maybe.

A: I love fall clothes even though summer is my favorite.

M: Oh and I want a new turtleneck sweater which is going to be a pain because I have something very specific in mind.

A: Is it made from the male tears of the patriarchy?

M: Ideally

A: I’m in

M: But also just heavy enough, but can also be tucked a little, good drape, not too thin, maybe ribbed.

M: I have a favorite grey turtleneck that’s too trashed to wear in public but I want to replicate it.

A: You might have to go fancy.

M: I might.

A: I still want those snakeskin mules, FYI.

M: 🙃

M: They are cute.

A: They are weird and interesting and unlike anything I own.

M: Obvi I’m a fan

A: *Brisk clap* Well, that’s done.

M: Haaaa

A: You talked me into it. very persuasive.

M: My loafer mules shipped! I really got the last ones!


A: I’m glad you didn’t hesitate.

M: Damn me too.


A: My eBay Vince sneaker boots arrived!

A: 😍 Too bad I can’t wear them for at least two months.

M: Yay! They fit?

A: They fit. I went down half a size as you recommended.

M: I’m glad you like them!

A: They're in great shape and now I feel like I stole them.

A: I keep trying them on and then sadly pulling them off.

M: My loafer mules came and I love them.

A: Such a good shoe happy endings!


  1. plambchop@gmail.comAugust 21, 2019 at 1:19 PM

    I was just in Uniqlo and they have great wool ribbed turtlenecks right now.

  2. I bought the black shearling arizonas last winter and had to return them. They were transferring the black to the bottom of my feet and it was so hard to scrub off. Super comfy and I would try in another color.

    1. Yep, Marianne had a pair of the clogs with black shearling and the same thing happened. Will definitely go for another color!