Monday, August 12, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: This and That.

I haven't bought much lately but I have a few things to report from last weekend:

I recently went looking online for a pair of magical shorts for my upcoming vacation to northern California. I wanted something packable and cute that I could also wear for a hike or kayaking. Also, I wanted a 4" (or longer) inseam. This seemed like a tall order but I figured Athleta would have something and I found these:

They are the Camden Printed Short. I went to try them on in store and loved them so much I just bought them. They have a nice wide waistband, cute zipper pockets and are light as a feather. Sold. I wore them out yesterday for running errands and they didn't ride up or otherwise piss me off, so they're definitely good to go for vacation.

Now, here is a lesson in how not to sell things on Poshmark:

1. Find a great pair of Madewell jeans at the thrift store

2. Wash and carefully press the jeans

3. Photograph jeans and take measurements

4. Try jeans on for blog science

5. Add a top and shoes and wear your new jeans to work

6. Oops

Erm, so sometimes the things I thrift to sell end up being for me and hey, nothing wrong with that! I didn't have a pair of plain black skinny jeans and now I do. I am regularly amazed at the things I find at the thrift store.

One other thing I bought that I wanted to mention - this summer-weight "quilt" from Target. We desperately needed something that wasn't a cat-destroyed knit blanket so I bought this quilt and it's SO nice. Attractive and weighty but still light enough for summer. I haven't washed it yet but so far it's great and of course the cats love it. 

Finally, are their any short haired ladies around? I got a new haircut and It's been too many years since I've needed products for anything but super-straightness. Y'all got any recs for a texturizing/volume type product? I don't generally like salt sprays but I'm open to suggestions for any kind of volumizer or paste or balm-type product. Help me be piece-y!


  1. I like this and it's not as expensive as a lot of texture sprays.

  2. The Living Proof 5-in-1 styler is my Holy Grail product for thin hair. For paste I love the Aveda control paste. Smells amazing and a tub last forever. Piece-y sisters rejoice!

    1. I think I used that back in my previous pixie cut days. I'll have to check it out again. Thanks!

  3. Dry Powder Volume Paste and I Want Body Texture Spray ,both by Eleven

  4. I really like R&CO Badlands dry shampoo paste for control and weight. Plus it's great for next day hair. The new cut is terrific, btw. Very cute!

  5. Platinum pixie and now faux-hawky lady here: I really like Davines This is a Strong Moulding Clay for making my hair feel thickened and a little like 3rd day unwashed but not gross. Davines makes some other products that might be good if that sounds a little intense! I have also had really good luck with Living Proof Thickening Cream + the Root Lift, but you really need to use them together and definitely activate them with a blow dryer. But they leave you with thicker and piecey-er hair when you rock a shorter look in my experience. Love the new cut!

    1. I love Davines shampoo/conditioner but they have so many styling options that I wasn't sure what might work best. Thanks for the recs!

  6. Another vote for Aveda Control Paste - have I really been using it over 10 years, yup, and don't want to ever be without it.