Thursday, August 1, 2019

Beauty: Stuff I'm Dying To Try.

This week has been kind of a disaster - travel, migraine headache, you name it. I do not have my shit together enough to post an outfit this week so instead I'm going to talk about what's hanging out in my perpetual beauty shopping cart:

Does anyone know about this Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation? It's a face oil and a foundation! How on earth does that work? I read about it on one of my very favorite old-school blogs (which I've been reading since back in the Diaryland days) and I am SO INTRIGUED. I need to get a sample of this magic it because picking color via internet never works for me and also I am unable to wrap my mind around a face oil foundation. I will report back!

I am also going to admit right now that I am FULLY wanting basically anything from Gucci Westman's line after listening to her episode on Fat Mascara. It's very expensive and very beautiful and mostly I want one of the makeup brushes and also maybe the highlighter, the foundation stick and the blush. All of it, really. I know better but that doesn't mean I don't covet the whole line.

I'm also still on a The Ordinary kick and The Buffet serum is next on the list. My friend Kate gave me a small sample and my face didn't seem to mind it, so it's definitely included in my next order. It's great because it's full of peptides and will hopefully help to stave off decay but it's even greater because it's freaking $15. I'm still getting good results with the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and I want MORE. FIX MY FACE, DECIEM.


  1. I'm dying to try the NuFace. I know two people who swear it's changed their lives. But damn, it's expensive.

    1. I knowwww. It would have to be truly life-changing.

  2. I haven't tried the Kosas face oil because I've read several reviews that it doesn't blend well if you have dry skin. I need to get a sample from Detox Market.

  3. I was swayed by Mimi’s reco and got the Kosas right before my vacation to FL (in the summer!) and can report that it was wonderful. No trouble blending at all, but I use a “chemical” sunscreen/moisturizer, and felt light yet covering. It’s not my work foundation (I use Clinique’s Even Better) but love it for weekends and travelling (no beauty blender or brushes required!).

    More evidence of my impressionability, I also bought the Ordinary Niacinimade serum on your advice and I like it but it hasn’t blown my mind (or made my pores disappear - an impossible task)

  4. The Ordinary is must-have items for all guys.

    Helen |


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