Thursday, August 8, 2019

Stuff I Like: What Do I Even Like, Y'all?

First order of business, goddamn Anthro put my Maeve dress on sale because OF COURSE THEY DID. If you bought it this week, get a price adjustment! If you were tempted, you should go for it.

Now, this was supposed to be a Stuff I Like post but I have talked about basically everything I like already. Oh, wait, have you watched Lizzo's Tiny Desk Concert? (Probably NSFW but whatev.)

Y'all, Marianne introduced me to Lizzo and Cuz I Love You is TRULY my summer soundtrack. Just so freaking great and you should all check it out if you haven't already (which you probably have because I am always 6 months behind on this stuff.)

Oh, one more thing. Madewell totally has my number because they're all, "Heeey. You like snakeskin, right? How about these?"

AND THEN they are like, how about 20% off some cool shoes? Get out of here, Madewell. Damn.

Now, tell me what you like lately because I am out of stuff.

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  1. oh, those shoes are good. I bought the BR snake mules but I like these better. I now have three pairs of snake jeans because I can't quit Nordstrom. So no more shoes.


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