Tuesday, August 27, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx New Arrivals.

The TJ Maxx website is super overwhelming and nearly impossible to search but never fear, I have done all the hard work for you and found some bargains among the new arrivals (and some of the not-really-new arrivals) I think are worth checking out:

Ooooh, jackets. I do love jackets and this BCBG leather jacket is such an interesting color! Also, I think the flappy parts zip off if you want a sleeker look. (I personally like the flappy parts, but it is versatile.) For something similar but way less expensive, the Blank NYC jacket Marianne and I both have is available for a steal:

How pretty is that cognac color? It also comes in a really nice dark teal. It runs a little big, just FYI. Now, bags: 

More Frye totes! This one is a very classic Frye cognac leather and will only get better as it ages. There's also this beauty:

Which is the coolest greige color and will go with everything in your closet unless you wear a lot of grey/beige, I guess. My final Frye pick: 

These boots are very classic and very beautiful and will look exceedingly cute with skinny jeans and a big cozy sweater. One day. When it's not summer. (We're looking ahead, here.) Fine:

These Vince Camuto sneakers are very on-trend and you can wear them right this second. Yay! Now, moving on to jewelry:

I keep wearing my labradorite drop earrings on the blog and these are so similar, but more streamlined. They're really inexpensive, too! But....

I'm also pretty fond of these little gold snake crawler earrings and I keep going back to see if they're still there. My final pick is going to be controversial, but hear me out: 

That's right, it's a bejeweled tiger necklace and it can ONLY make your life more awesome. Throw this on over a plain black top and watch people flock to you like like a moth to a glittery flame. It is magnificent and I will not hear your arguments against it. The end. 

PS. There's a bunch of Oribe products in the beauty section.


  1. Do you get credit when we go to their site from your link and buy something else? Because I just bought this : )


  2. That tiger necklace would work perfectly with my Moira Rose Halloween costume!!