Monday, August 19, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: It's Starting, Isn't It.

Last weekend my friend Kate and I had a nice catch-up lunch which might have included a cocktail and then we wandered over to the Big Mall where all the danger stores live. First, we went to Athleta where I didn't need a damn thing. NOT ONE DAMN THING DID I NEED.

You can see where this is going, right? Suddenly I'm in the dressing room with a whole lot of things to try on. First, I tried on the Printed Rincon Dress, which I believe I mentioned back in June. They had it in the same weird black pattern as my shorts, so how could I not try it on?

I am currently between sizes, which was really apparent with this dress. Here it is in medium:

It's gaping at the top and there's a lot of material to deal with in the skirt. Still, it was super comfy and would travel like a champ. (I am a fan in general of this line - it's the same material as my Zephyr shell.) The size small fit better overall but was pulling a bit across the chest. I had to put it back because for the price, it should fit perfectly.

Kate, meanwhile, tried on the Brooklyn Ankle Pant and they are SO GOOD:

She was worried they looked too casual because they felt like workout pants. But that's the trick - they look like really nice cropped pants (that stripe down the side!) but feel like comfy workout pants. Magic. She also found, hiding in the back, the longer t-shirt cousin of our beloved shell, the Zephyr Tee:

We both tried it on and both loved it. It's not really a t-shirt - it's a woven top with knit trim that drapes really nicely and looks expensive on. (Which it should, because it's certainly not cheap.)

We both bought the Zephyr top and Kate also got the cute pants. I'm telling you, Athleta is really impressing me with the non-fitness clothing. So comfortable and stylish and perfect for travel.

We then went to Madewell, which is still really in full summer mode. Kate tried on jeans and I wandered around and was tempted by these cute earrings which I did not buy. The only thing I got (and Kate did too) is another Whisper tee in a color only redheads can wear:

It was an extra 30% off so ended up being $11 or something like that. Marianne got me hooked on these tees and this is my third one. Sorry, Everlane. After Madewell we fled the mall because all the money had been spent and we needed coffee. The next morning I got this from Kate:


  1. Oh, that Madewell tee in that weird olive color is magic on blondes too. :)

    1. Ah! That's nice to hear. It's one of those colors that shouldn't work...but does.

    2. You're totally right! Those are the best dressing room finds.


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