Friday, August 30, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: The Holiday Looms.

Hang tight, friends. It's a holiday weekend and the sales are overwhelming. I just got back from a lunchtime trip to Anthro because an extra 50% off sale is more than I can resist. My favorite Ally Cupro Tunic top is now $30! Go get one! I also tried on (and, um, bought) this Amira Utility Buttondown in the green color because it's just the perfect slouchy thing. (Please note that it's all final sale which isn't awesome but the deals are very good.)

Now, let's focus on J.Crew because: 40% off full price and an extra 50% off sale with code SUNSET. Giddyup:

Ooh, so pretty! This would look great on just about anyone. 

This is the blazer for people who don't wear blazers. (Trust, I have one.) 

Black jeans are my favorite right now and this pair is the perfect wash.

A long cardigan that is kind of a robe? SIGN ME UP.

I love this tortoise layer necklace against black, so chic. 

I'm currently obsessed with finding The Perfect Raincoat and this one is so cute. 

Ow, my heart. It wants this bag badly. It hurts.

How many snakeskin dresses is too many? Asking for a friend. 


  1. I bought that J Crew raincoat two weeks ago in burgundy. I love it!

  2. I found the PERFECT rain coat during the Nordstrom anniversary sale: the Barbour Vault in sage. It's pricey even marked down, but I love it so much and have already received multiple compliments.


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