Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Outfit of the Day: My New Favorite Dress.

 I did it again - I broke my rule about not paying full price for something but the heart wants what it wants and the heart wanted the Tania Tiered Tunic Dress. The heart was also worried it would sell out, so...

Y'all, this dress is a SACK and I totally love it. It's just one of those good floaty dresses that barely touches you and that's what I want in August, you know? Just FYI - it runs a bit big - I am wear a size small. (Not to enable but it's a good dress and you should consider it.) Maeve does a good job with the floaty dresses. This one also looks promising and this adorable swing dress is actually on sale! 

I realized while writing this that most of my Anthro purchases from the last year, including the tunic top I posted about recently, are Maeve. Most of the clothes at Anthro are too fussy for me, so I'm happy to have a go-to brand (even if it's over-priced.) Currently, however, I don't want a single thing from Maeve. Except maybe this dumb sweatshirt top. And maybe these pants that are All The Things. Ugh. Anyway, on to details: 

Here's my secret to a no-makeup look: Put on a shit-ton of makeup and then shine a bright light on your face. Voila! Ha. I am wearing my Panacea labradorite earrings (this pair is VERY similar) and my favorite sold-out Soko pendant (smaller version still available!) I'm also wearing a teeny Madewell star necklace because why not. 

I gave my Miu Miu bag a rest and threw all my crap back in my old standby MJ Too Hot To Handle hobo. This style is probably the most similar but you can also find it on Poshmark and the like. My sandals are Lotta from Stockholm Peep Toe clogs and they're available in a bunch of colors including red like my pair. 

PS. Of course I tried on my leather jacket with my new dress! I can't wait to wear it with boots and this jacket. (I mean, I can wait because I love summer, but I'll admit I'm looking forward to changing up the wardrobe.) 


  1. I love this whole look, but my burning question is about the sandals, which are calling to me: Is there any kind of padding whatsoever for the dainty soles of one's feet, or is it essentially like having a block of wood strapped to your feet? Not that I'm opposed to the block-of-wood, necessarily, because I do wear clogs all the time, but I have found that various Dansko styles that only look like a block of wood and also have some cushioning make my feet happier.

    In other words, please say something about comfort level.

    1. They are definitely in the "block of wood" school with no padding. I find them reasonably comfortable for an average day but they are not all-day-on-my-feet shoes like Dansko clogs.