Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Mixed Patterns.

This is going to be a quick one because things are crazy right now - life, work, my brain. I wanted an easy summer outfit that I didn't have to think about too much.

This dress I'm wearing is basically dust, y'all. It's vintage Old Navy and was originally Marianne's and she gave it to me and I'm pretty sure it was scheduled to self-destruct at least two years ago but it keeps on living and I keep on insisting on wearing it:

I mean, it's cute, right? Old Navy generally does some cute patterned summer dresses. This little swing dress is right up my alley and I also love the work-appropriateness of this chambray shirt dress.  And oooh, how cute is this v-neck dress in the palm leaf print? It comes in a cute stripe too.  I'm wearing my Birkenstock Gizeh in copper, which are hard to find. The Arizona comes in copper, though!

Lucy stopped by to see what I was up to. Though I listed some cute Old Navy dresses up above, all my true favorites are from Loft and I am eyeing several because they're 50% off today! This little striped dress looks super easy and I love the back detail on this one. But! My favorite is this patterned shift dress that is exactly my brand of crazy. I love it. I think this little split neck dress is cute too. Okay, sorry, I stop now. Details:

I'm wearing an old Madewell necklace that's pretty similar to this one and this one is also a very much in the same family. My bracelets are Giles and Brother skinny railroad cuffs that I'd stopped wearing for a while because I was tired of them. Now I'm trying to shop in my closet and reacquaint myself with old favorites. 

And, the bag. This is my recent Kate Spade Sam bag and I'm not gonna link it today. The news yesterday was just so tragic, so sad. Kate Spade the brand isn't always my style but I love and appreciate the joy it's brought to the world and I'm grateful to the brand's founder for having such vision. I know she sold Kate Spade more than 10 years ago but I think her legacy will stand for a long time. 


  1. I have both the ON chambray shirt dress and the Loft split-neck dress and they are A++++. Perfect summer work gear.

  2. Awesome look all around. The pic of you and Lucy is just fabulous! Love your look and expression!

  3. Love this outfit so much, that cut of dress is my favorite and wish it was still available.


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