Tuesday, June 19, 2018

LOFT Report: Not As Expected.

LOFT is a brand that really works for me unless it doesn't. It's complicated. I struggle with their sizing so it's always better for me to go to the store rather than shop online which is kind of a drag. Nevertheless, spurred on by the 40% off sale, Kate and I went to LOFT last weekend. Here's what happened:

I really went looking for this dress which I was totally going to buy but they didn't have it in store. Boo. Then I decided that these fringe cropped jeans looked promising and they come in all kinds of fun colors and guess what? Literally not one pair in my size in any color. I tried on the yellow in the next size up:

If you're looking for a cute pair of yellow summer jeans these are ADORABLE if they actually have your size. (I forgot to take a picture because I'm a terrible blogger.) I did take a picture of this blouse which looked pretty on the hanger but the sleeve length was challenging:

I also took a picture of this crazy floral dress that I posted not too long ago because I really love it in theory. IN THEORY. On me it looks completely ridiculous:

I mean, it's very much not my style already but I told Kate I thought it made me look like someone's crazy hippie aunt and she said, "No, it looks like you're wearing a crazy hippie aunt costume." She's right. It's a great dress for whoever can pull it off but I am not that person. (Also, I think it's too big.) 

The salesperson, trying to be helpful in finding me the fringe cropped jeans in my size, gave me a totally different pair of grey jeans that she claimed was the same cut. That's adorable. The fabric content wasn't even the same but I obediently tried them on anyway because good grey jeans are hard to find and I don't have a pair. Oops. Guess what? They're really great:

This is the pair. Anyway, they were 40% off and who doesn't need jeans in the middle of summer? 😬 Plus! They go really well with this top that I tried on and, dang, it's great too:

Look at that back detail:

IT IS SO CUTE (and 50% off right now!) so I bought it too. So to recap: went shopping for a dress and bought jeans and a top, both of which I forgot to photograph but I'll post an outfit tomorrow. Yay.

PS. Kate bought this lovely soft t-shirt dress which looks totally cute on her and looked like a sad sack of blah on me because I have no shoulders. The end. 


  1. Gray jeans are my 2018 favorite closet addition - I forgot how versatile they are, and surprisingly uncommon (at least in my circle/office). Good choice!

  2. I decided to order the crazy flowered dress - I went down a size, and we will see. I think it might work on me.

    1. It’s totally your jam! I just couldn’t pull it off.


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