Monday, June 11, 2018

Stuff I Want: Summer Edition

You guyyyyyys. I want to shop for summer SO BADLY but I'm moving in a few weeks (did I mention this?) and I'm really trying to be financially frugal because the moving guys kinda expect money or something? I don't know. So, other than the amazing sale boots from Madewell and a pair of awesome silver Birkenstocks I really haven't bought much of anything new for summer and I TOTALLY REALLY WANT TO. I have a running list, obviously. Here's what I wish I could buy right this second:

White boyfriend jeans. I have, um, mentioned this a few times already. This is getting kind of sad that I keep talking about it and not doing it but I haven't found them yet! I am scouring Poshmark for a Madewell pair but I am also considering these from BR:

And these from Old Navy:

Denim jacket. Okay, this next one is a want not a need but I have gotten so much wear out of my Universal Thread denim jacket that I kind of want another denim jacket. I am in love with this one from Madewell:

It's the copper buttons and the wash. I just can't stop thinking about it. I am also quite interested in this white denim jacket from Old Navy:

The added benefit of this one is that it can be worn with jeans without being all Texas Tuxedo. (Right? Right.)

Summer dress. I also want one cute new summer dress and Loft is usually my go-to for such things. I think it might be this one, which I've posted before:

 But then I saw this one and was like, YES THAT TOO:

I think it's technically a bathing suit coverup? Who the hell knows. Don't care anyway.

Fun top. I want another fun summer top that I can wear with my fictional white jeans or with jorts. This one from Anthro is so cute:

But knowing me, it'll probably be something like this from Loft:

I mean, that tiny star print? Please. I must have that, right? I am filling up online shopping carts right and left but buying nothing. YET. UGH.

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  1. The only thing keeping me from ordering that first (adorable!) Loft dress is its fabric. I just can't do synthetics in summer. But then I look at that dress and think maybe I should try?


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