Monday, June 4, 2018

Madewell Report: Things Happened.

Last weekend I took a trip to Madewell to try on denim shorts and white jeans, just in case they eventually put things on sale. Hey, it could happen and I want to be an informed and prepared shopper. I tried on most of the denim cut off styles and wasn't super crazy about most of them - honestly, I've had pretty good luck with Old Navy cutoffs so why am I going fancy on this? Hard to say. I did, however, really like this high-rise button front style:

The lighter wash felt current, I love the button fly and they fit comfortably. Unfortunately they're $75 which seems like.. a lot (or, as one IG friend commented, "oh hell no, that is hipster nonsense.") I AGREE. But I still liked them. I also really liked this tank, which I'm wearing in that photo:

Much more reasonably priced and it comes in some really good colors. If they ever throw me a code, I might get one or two of those. I also really loved these earrings:

They don't look like much on the website but they're great in person - simple but really striking.

I tried on two pairs of white jeans, both of them skinny styles which is all they had in-store. I am so into the boyjean style and tight white jeans are really tough to pull off. Like this pair:

I love the button fly and frayed hem but they just aren't amazing on me. I will probably hunt down a pair of white Boyjeans on Poshmark. Or, maybe I just don't get white jeans this summer, you know?

We also sniffed some beauty products, including one of the oils in this set:

Kate declared that the Good Vibes oil smelled just like yoga class and she was right! We also both liked this perfume:

It was right up my alley - warm and spicy and pleasantly unisex.

Okay, I'm totally burying the lede with this post. While I was struggling in and out of shorts and jeans, Kate went back to check out the sale section and found these:

In my size. Marked down to $49. Forty Nine American Dollars. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Really, who needs shorts in the summer anyway? Apparently not me.


  1. Nice score! You will get SO much wear from those booties.

  2. I love Madewell jeans but can't rationalize spending $75 on shorts, though those are temptingly cute! Maybe if I lived in a warmer climate...

  3. Love those shorts! But $75 - ouch, no. Have you tried the Madewell-knockoffs at Target - they look very similar!

    1. I went to look at them but the inseam on the button fly jorts is REAL short..