Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Summer Casual

I have been trying to mix in some of my really old stuff with my newer stuff to try and reacquaint myself with my sad, ignored closet orphans. Like this blouse: 

It's from Ann Taylor and I've had it for five years! Ridiculous! And OMG it looks terrible like that. Give me one sec. Okay:

So much better! This top has earned a long-term place in my wardrobe because I love the unusual print (it's moon shapes) and the neckline ruffle is cute but very minor. This top at AT is really similar and I love the oversized dotted print. Sans print, this shell top looks really nice as well.  Loft is also great for fun print tops! I love the ruffle neckline on this one and I'm still eyeing this star print top. (I really should just buy that.) Finally, who doesn't love a good flamingo print? I mean. 

I am SUCH a convert to the boyfriend/girlfriend jean. It takes a little adjustment with the tops (you gotta tuck with the blousy stuff) but it's so worth it. I'm wearing Madewell Slim Boyjeans in the regular rise and I highly recommend. I have two pairs and I wear them a ton. I am currently eyeing this Raw-Hem Edition but I think I'm probably good for now. If you want a starter pair these at Gap look really cute or you can try really well-priced Universal Thread version. Speaking of..

Yes, I bought it. I love my regular Universal Thread jacket so much I got the white one too! It fits exactly the same and is really comfortable and great for summer. It looks cuter over a dress but I like that I can wear it with jeans without looking like I'm all Texas Tuxedo. Anyway, two thumbs up for the white denim jacket. (Also, kudos to Target for carrying the whole line in plus sizes!) On to details: 

This pic is terrible but I wanted to show my two silver My Precious Studio necklaces. I've had the wings for years and added the lightning bolt heart earlier this year. Tere's work is really great and I'm happy to support her. 

I have been using my Aimee Kestenberg backpack a lot lately! It's so easy and still looks fashionable.  There's one with a gold zipper at NR (and a few other colors at Off 5th.) And now: 

Listen. If silver Birkenstock Arizonas are on your wishlist this summer I'm going to tell you this: BUY THEM NOW. I have gotten more joy and more compliments from these sandals than anything else I own. They are THE BEST. I wear the so often I'm afraid I'm going to ruin them but I just can't help it. Just go for it. 


  1. Do these birks make farty noises when you walk? I ordered some and !love! them, but... they make noises when I walk. Brand new, straight out of the box, fart noises. Is this normal, do you think? Will it go away?

    1. No, mine do not! I keep the straps pretty loose, so not sure if that helps keep the fartiness at bay.


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