Thursday, June 21, 2018

Stuff I Like: Wearing, Carrying, Eating, Watching.

This Dumb Serum That Actually Works.
Okay, I know I mentioned Sunday Riley C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum earlier this week in the context that I think it actually does something but I felt like it needed a bit more explaning - this shit actually does something. It's a vitamin C serum with glycolic acid and I have used it every day for the past three or four months and I am here to tell you that my face looks better. Smoother, clearer, slightly glowy. It ain't cheap but it's actually working so I shall soldier on with it. Oh, also, it smells pleasantly like a creamsicle which is not unpleasant.

This Phone Accessory That I Already Told You About.
I mentioned the Love Handle phone grip in a tech stuff entry I wrote last year but I was new to it and didn't sound overly enthusiastic. It was something Marianne recommended and I didn't fully appreciate it's wonder until I got an iPhone 8+. For the big phones? It's 100% necessary and will change your life. My hands ain't big and now I don't have to worry about dropping my phone all over the place. It's basically just an elastic strap so it's got a low footprint, which I really like. And, it comes in a bunch of coordinating colors so it isn't some obnoxious thing ruining up your phone unless you get the American flag version but please don't do that.

This Chickpea Salad Recipe That Kate Recommended.
Kate sent me this recipe and I liked so much I've made it two weeks in a row and have been eating it for lunch every day. Other than adjusting the mustard (less and dijon) I made it as written and ate it stuffed in a toasted wheat pita with slices of cucumber, radish and some baby spinach. It would also be great as a dip with some pita chips or Nut Thins or whatever you like. It's simple, inexpensive and delicious. Definitely makes four solid servings!


  1. That's a beautiful video.

  2. Beautiful and heartbreaking video. I wish he could have lived it out the was Iggy is. :-(

  3. Wow - the video. I was smiling thinking how happy it was until the end. Now I'm weepy. All his interviews are insightful and end in places you don't expect.

  4. My popsocket doesn't work with my wireless charging base, I miss it so much. It is awful with the 8+ and my carpal tunnel. Of course my case is silicone so the Lovehandle won't work either. :(


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