Wednesday, June 13, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx Clearance Roundup

I haven't done this in a while! The TJ Maxx website hadn't been loading for me for weeks and weeks but it looks like they finally fixed the glitch so I pawed through a bunch of the clearance stuff and here's what I found:

I saved the best for first. Listen, this Aimee Kestenberg leather Otto tote is still on her website for full price, which is $268. Here it is in a beautiful vanilla color for $64. I am not kidding. There is also a black version but the vanilla is so beautiful, right? Right.

There's also this really nice taupe Lodis bag that I keep staring at because the color is unusual:

It also comes in black but you know how I feel about that. Don't disappoint me! Always go for the interesting this:

My cheap 'n cheerful option which is this Perlina tote which is also leather and a lot of fun and under $50 and legit the greatest coral color ever. So good. 

Now! Some jewelry. I know Satya zodiac jewelry has been around for a while but there's a bunch of it on TJ Maxx and it would make a nice gift. Here's Capricorn:

I also super love these beautiful Labradorite earrings that aren't, like, inexpensive but ugh:

In other accessory news there are a ton of well-discounted designer sunglasses on TJM and I really dig this Pucci pair:

They would totally look rad with this L*Space swimsuit coverup which is legit $15 and (apologies) nearly sold out:

The bargains, they burn! I also love this Joie dress that's a delightful deal if you wear size large:

SO CUTE. Finally, y'all know I like the weird BCBG dresses and this one could go either way:

I know, right? I can't decide but I think it's good? Wait! I found one more thing. Cute summer 7FAMK jeans for $49:


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