Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We Discuss: Justin Bieber and Scent Memories.

A: I can’t swear to it but I think the Sunday Riley Vitamin C serum is actually working.

M: I’ve heard good things about The Ordinary vitamin C stuff too and it’s so cheap.

M: But the owner is going to destroy that company.

A: Yeaaaah. Down in flames.

A: Most vitamin C serums break me out but the Sunday Riley stuff doesn’t.

M: That’s good!

A: I have a few face oils from the Ordinary and they’re fine.

A: Cheap if nothing else.

M: Yeah

A: I was all excited to buy the RMS Beauty coconut cream and then I was like…wait. Is it really just an overpriced jar of coconut oil?

M: Yes, yes it is.

A: Thank you

A: She claims it’s like, super duper special organic artisan coconut oil but still. It’s just oil that I’m gonna wash right off my face.


A: Right, I know.

M: There is only so much you can do to it.

A: But Marianne, it’s special *raw* coconut oil.

M: riiiight

M: If anyone believes that, I have a bridge to sell them.

A: I am actually in the market.

M: It’s got great views.

A: Will it give me a glowing complexion?

M: duh

A: Anyway, I am actually almost 100% positive that this Sunday Riley stuff is making my face look better. Just smoother and more…something. Brighter?

M: That’s awesome.

A: Has the Ordinary guy done anything stupid lately?

M: I haven’t been keeping up tbh.

M: There was some crazy letter after the royal wedding.

A: He’s a peach.

A: Ooh, my Le Labo Santal 33 sample has shipped.

M: Yay!

A: I don’t want to copy you and everyone but I HAVE TO KNOW

M: Hahaha

A: I love that all the articles about it are like, “That perfume you’re smelling everywhere!” And I’m like, do you understand I live in Virginia?


M: Well even here in Knoxville I’ve had a few people ID it immediately.

M: Which is a bit of a drag but I love it so whatever I guess.

A: Interesting! I am usually up on this stuff but had somehow never heard of it.

M: It is literally all over Brooklyn.

A: Some things are popular for a reason.

M: Like every single man and woman wearing it.


M: And I’m like how are all these children affording $200 perfume.

A: That was a question I had as well.

A: But I’m an idiot who paid money for a decanted sample so.

M: Ha, that’s what I did first!

A: I got the idea from you.

A: So, your fault.

M: Now I have a bottle but I honestly wish I had just gotten the balm oil rollerball because a rollerball is so much easier to carry with me.

M: I only remember to spray it on myself half the time so I decanted a bit of my own bottle into a rollerball.

A: Smart! If I love it I’ll probably start with a rollerball. I have commitment issues with fragrance.

M: I get that. I mean I just spent like a year trying to find a signature scent and it’s apparently everyones signature scent.

A: Justin Bieber wears it.

A: I am sorry.

M: Haha that’s okay.

M: I bet he smells great!

A: Bieber has notes of tattoo ink, privilege, crisp Canadian dollars and Santal 33.

M: My boss texted me from Atlanta where she was seeing Hamilton and was like someone here smells like you!!

A: Ha!

M: Honestly I don’t care.

M: I love the way it smells and I love being told literally every day that I smell amazing.

A: That is a LIFE GOAL.

A: I’m sure millions of people wear my favorite Jo Malone perfume - it’s not a secret.

M: Exactly! So I will wear it forever and there will be other trends and eventually it will be Mine.

A: You just need to wait it out.

M: And my kids will be like my mom always smelled amazing when I am very old and die.

M: It’s good to have long term plans.

A: I really like that you’re planning your scent memories now.

M: Better to focus on that rather than the world going down in flames.

A: So true.


  1. I've now ordered a discovery set from Le Labo!

  2. When I lived in NYC this scent was everywhere on the subway but it took ages for me to figure out. I just thought it was a pleasanter aspect of the subway smell!


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