Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Reader Suggestion: Summer Bags!

I recently got a message from blog reader Ellen related to the cutest summer straw bag she'd bought at Madewell. (I know this because she posted it on her IG account, which you should probably follow.)

She suggested that a round-up of summer bags would be very cool and I always welcome ideas for posts because I AM RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS, YOU GUYS. Anyway, there are TONS of cute woven bags going on right now, so I stuck with that as my theme. Seriously, though, Madewell has two (wait, three), Target has a ton, Ann Taylor has several, it just goes on from there. You are not short on options is what I'm saying. Here are my picks:



  1. How about a summertime return to cute boy Friday?

    1. I've been thinking about this! We'd kind of run out of cute boys ideas but I can think of a few.

  2. I love a cute straw bag! That round one caught my eye so I went to check it out and the reviews cracked me up. Apparently it smells like BBQ? I think I really have to order it now to verify, haha

  3. I esp love the one with silver trim. Here are some ideas: jumpsuits, anyone get a spray tan?, skin care regime for 30s/40s that is kinda affordable, your hair care routines, sunglasses styles, shorts for 30s30s/40s that are cool. Thank you. I love your blog and have followed for a good few years.