Monday, June 18, 2018

We Discuss: Santal 33, Olive Garden, and Hipster Mind Control

M: I just read this and have literal tears of laughter.

A: Dude. Santal 33.

M: You like??

A: Wait, what did you read?

M: Sorry, forgot the link.

A: Um, of course I like it. OF COURSE.

M: Hahahahaha

M: I bet money that Fred is like YOU SMELL AMAZING.

M: Men are reaaallly into it.

M: Men other than my husband.

A: It actually smells a bit like my Diptyque fig candle which makes zero sense.

M: That’s funny.

A: But yeah, it’s fucking dreamy dammit.

A: It dries down to this really subtle thing where it just smells like a better version of you.

M: Dude I know.

A: Lasagna wings with extra Italy!

M: There’s more Italy than necessary.

M: Secret soup!

A: I’m bad at pulling out individual notes, it just smells good.

A: Not the lasagna wings, the Santal 33.

M: Hahaha

A: Gluten Classico!

A: I’m mad that I like this perfume.

M: I told you!

A: I really wanted to not get the fuss.

M: Seven million hipsters can’t be wrong.

A: Yes, yes they CAN BE WRONG.

M: Unless it’s about Coachella.


A: But they’re right about this perfume.

M: Yup.

They are right about:
This perfume

They are wrong about:
Men wearing tank tops

A: Man buns.

M: I don’t mind a man bun.

A: I meant it for the first column.

M: Oh okay then yes they are right about man buns. And some beards BUT NOT ALL BEARDS.

A: Not neck beards!

A: They are wrong about Arcade Fire.

M: Sure.

A: Just trust.

M: They are right about jumpsuits and rompers. But they are wrong about denim underwear.

A: Wut.

M: Coochie cutters.

A: They are generally right about denim but yeah. No to that.

M: One way ticket to yeast infection town.

A: Dude.

M: Just saying.

A: On the fence re. rompers.

M: Your Britney needs to breathe.

M: I am fulllllly on board but more with jumpsuits than rompers only because they tend to be too short for me.


M: That’s us right there.

A: Me, anyway.

M: My mouth is full of secret soup.

A: Friend 4 says nothing.


A: But I paid $10 for a thimble of Santal and I’m not sure when I can afford my next fix.

M: I’m sorry man.

M: I tried to warn you.

A: I hope you’re happy, Ms. Canada.

M: Just one more person who smells like me! Eventually the mind control will kick in. I can only assume this perfume is actually made not by the French but the Russians.

A: Well, this is all starting to make sense.

M: I mean, it’s called THE LAB.

A: This is a Black Mirror episode.

M: That said did you know if you buy it in their shop they will put your name on the label???

M: 😍


M: So. Mind control schmind control.



A: There it is


  1. You guys! Now I have to buy this goddamn perfume.

    1. I KNOW I'M SORRY. It's all Marianne's fault.

    2. Right? I can't stop thinking about it.

  2. Welp, I've been Enabled. $30 for the "Discovery Box" from Le Labo. I BETTER HATE IT.

  3. I love that shit and forked out for the actual non-sample size. Hive mind! Hive smell!


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