Monday, October 3, 2011

Marianne: Extra Medium.

So. When we last left our intrepid blogger, she was skeptical of clothing reviews saying a dress ran one to two sizes bigger. But, armed with an online coupon and a serious need for some cheap fall dresses, she steeled herself and ordered a size EXTRA SMALL. This is not her size people. She is an extra medium, if anything. But anyway....
Yeah. Totally fits. Totally good. Also?
Totally got some new Chies on eBay, y'all. I think I changed tenses, there. Whoops. These shoes are completely sigh worthy, even if they were the first closed-heel shoe I'd worn in months and chewed up my heel like crazy.
Gratuitous accessory shot to show off the pirate charm bracelet Adrien made me a million years ago.

So, yeah. Extra Small! Old Navy's sizing has gone berzerk.

dress: Old Navy Kimono Sleeved Tie-Back Dress
shoes: Chie Mihara via manic stalking
jewelry: Target cuff, Adrien-made charm bracelet, Diana Warner necklace


  1. I love that dress! I kind of want to buy it for myself even though I don't know how long I'll be able to wear it. Think it would be a good post-birth dress too?

  2. Amy, I think if you sized up (or actually, just ordered your usual size) you'd definitely have some forgiveness in typical post-partum trouble areas. The tie back makes the fit adjustable.

  3. This dress looks so pretty on you! I also LOVE your shoes.

  4. Pretty! Thank goodness for online reviews!

    Hmmm...I love ebay stalking (but why won't my dream pair of chies ever turn up...)

  5. Thanks for the review of the dress! You just inspired me to order it (in the other colorway). It looks fabulous on you. Wish the blue color was still available!

  6. I have that pirate charm bracelet! Well, not that one, but I have a real Keen pirate bracelet, and earrings and a necklace.

    I don't wear them all together, I promise. Or with an eye patch.

    Love the shoes.