Friday, October 7, 2011

Adrien: Me? Not Me?

I've been hankering for a new handbag for fall but nothing has quite caught my eye and made me really wanty. I mentioned this to Nina who told me she was selling her MK Hamilton if I was interested. It's a beautiful bag and I love the shape of it, but I was hesitant because I'm not quite sure it's really me. I hemmed and hawed and dithered and finally decided to take some outfit photos with it so I could get a better idea of how it looked on me. (Is that weird? It helps!)

And yeah, while I think it's a really freaking nice bag, it's not It's a great size, nice details and hardware, perfectly neutral color. And yet, maybe just a little too classic for me?  Am I crazy?

I was originally going to ask for a yay/nay on this but I've decided to trust my instincts and pass on it. However, if you guys are interested, I posted it for Nina in our shop.  (But really, if you think I'm making a huge mistake, leave a comment and tell me!)

trench: Ann Taylor (another cute AT trench)
dress: BCBG (similar style)
shoes: Frye (similar)
bag: Michael Kors Hamilton tote


  1. I think its actually a little edgy with those big chains but if you don't love it save your money for something you go Ga-ga over.

  2. I don't know...even thought it's similar in size to some of your other bags, it just looks SO BIG. It overwhelms you. Good call.

  3. I think you made the right call, it's not really you. As much as I love my own Hamilton, it's a very classic look. Your bags are usually a little edgier or more playful.

  4. It's a great bag, but I know you and if you wanted it, you would WANT it. Like, a lot.

  5. It's definitely not me so it's hard for me to love it for you. But I your gut! You gotta love it. If not, forget about it.

  6. I think it night be the size that turned you off. Your LV is quite classic and you wouldn't say no to a Birkin.

  7. I don't know about the bag, but that coat is ME and you should send it to me right away.



  8. Love the bag but you made the right call. It's a bit big on you. You keep having these battles with giant bags!