Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Marianne: Sometimes I am dumb.

Sometimes, I am just not very smart. Take the dress above, for instance. This gorgeous, silk, Mara Hoffman dress was at a local consignment store for a whopping $23. Twenty. Three. Dollars. And yet...I waffled. I went and tried it on three different times before sending Adrien the photo and then cringing as she basically told me I was a dummy for not snapping it up immediately. And she was right! It would have served me right if it had sold, but I was in luck.

I think what gave me pause was how buttoned up it was. Very Florence and the Machine if you did the snaps all the way up.
But, duh, you don't have to do the snaps all the way up. Again, I am dumb.
Apropo of nothing, I ran into my friend Haven and she was also wearing black + white + mustard, and so I made her pose for a picture like the nerd I am. Isn't she cute?

dress: Mara Hoffman (similar here)
shoes: Chie Mihara Hito in Curry (similar here)
bag: Su-Shi Old Skool Mini in Honey Brown
earrings: old (similar shape here)


  1. and sometimes you're lucky as hell! Looks great on you!

  2. Awesome!! Congrats. Looks good on you. Love the yellow shoes with it.

  3. you and your pal look totes adorbs with your matching ways. :) love the color combo.

  4. I also like your earrings! :)


  5. So cute! Post of a pic of it buttoned all the way up (even if you don't really wear it that way all day)

  6. Thanks, guys, and to Haven for being such a good sport! Percent, I'll take a pic of it snapped all the way next time I wear it!