Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trend Alarm

A: She just tripped it:

image: http://trendycrew.com/

M: No.

A: I'm pretty sure she's got it all represented here.

M: Those shorts. THOSE SHORTS. ThOsE ShOrTs.

A: I think hiking them all the way up and belting them really brings out the pleats.

M: I would say something about FUPA but it's just not proper.

A: Those shorts are. UP. IN. THERE. Yay fashion!

M: I think that belt is working as a bra.

A: Do you think she has a checklist? Like:

1. leather shorts. Check.
2. FUPA. Check.
3. Giant belt. Check.
4. Statement Bag. Check.
5. Leopard bootie shoe things. Check.
6. Ombre hair. Checky check check, bitches.

M: Don't forget:

7. Red lipstick. Check.
8. Arm party. Check.

M: Also, I, um...like her hair.

A: Oh, her hair is definitely pretty, it's just a lot of trends all at the same time. Really, the shorts are The Issue.

M: Those shorts are a war crime. Obama just ordered their evacuation. God, I don't even know what I am saying any more.

A: Ugh, again? I just got comfortable.

M: Don't Google leather shorts. Just...don't.


M: I had to stop before I get fired from LIFE.

A: I just got word: Obama has fired you. Please leave.

M: Damn it, THERE GOES MY VOTE. And I am allergic to the Tea Party, so what now? Why is this a political blog now?


M: God, THANK YOU. Let's get back to the important talk about how the Twitter says I should do this to my hair. The Twitter is a bad influence.

A: Girl, do not ombre your hair. You will be full of regret.

M: But but but!!!

A: You have beautiful hair AS IT IS. Trust me on this.

M: Surely you aren't suggesting that the Internet would lead me astray?

A: The Internet lies ALL THE TIME.

M: The Internet just told me that Tony Danza died!!!!1!

A: Wait, did he ombre his hair? SEE.



  1. Both of those shorts made me throw up a little in my mouth...

    Okay now, about the ombre hair -
    I'm one of those evil internet people BUT! Hear me out!

    First off, I'm not attached to my hair. I chop the hell out of it every few years and we all know that it always grows back out.
    But - curly hair takes longer AND I don't know if Marianne already dyes her hair. If she does, I'm all for it because if she gets tired of it, she can just slap some more dye on it and no harm no foul. If not, to get it back to normal will then require a dye commitment that could last a VERY long time.

    Lightening does damage the hair and I would only trust a pro on this one. This could be costly.

    But yeah, it would be super cute on you Marianne! SUPER CUTE!

  2. Did you see Rachel Bilson's shorts in that picture? Leather!


  3. Marianne, I am telling you! If you ombre your hair you have to wear leather shorts. THAT IS COMMITMENT.

  4. SHUTUP.

    But anyway, my hair grows alarmingly fast. I have never dyed it, but what I find appealing about ombre is that it's just the ends that are lightened, so it grows out/can be cut without ever having to maintain roots. I would definitely go to a pro and am probably too chicken to try it. Plus ADRIEN IS MEAN SO THERE>

  5. if you have not seen this, you will enjoy it---Shobbit's response to Garance's penchant for yoga pants:


  6. I heard the trend is over in Hollywood because everyone is getting full colour now. If you want to try a colour all over, something subtle and semi-permanent maybe.

  7. I'm with Lara in that I often entrust my hair to random stylists and say things like "um, maybe around my chin. Do what you think is good" and somehow this has basically always turned out okay. So, not the best person to listen to.

    BUT, yes the good part of ombre is you can just let it grow out. Matching your hair to dye over it will also be easier since your real color will be very visible too. I've been self-dying my hair red and am very tempted to do some kind of crazy ombre thing (with a pro's help) in the hopes it will grow out and I can go back to basic red dyeing after.