Tuesday, October 4, 2011


M: Are there no cute boys to talk about today? It is cold and rainy and my mouth hurts. CHEER ME.

A: Um, I was just thinking to myself last night, "What is it about Ryan Gosling?"

Because he's not really that cute but he's REALLY CUTE.

M: This is so TRUE! He is kind of unremarkable and then I can't stop looking at him and maybe drool a little bit?

A: He's got charm. Charisma. Really nice abs. One of those.

M: I even like him all beardy and disheveled, which, actually...is not a surprise at all.

A: Oh, I like too.

M: You know...I am not sure I have ever seen a movie with him in it, now that I think of it?

A: Oh, you have seen The Notebook right?

M: No!

A: Oh COME ON. Um, have you seen Lars and the Real Girl?

M: no.

A: Well, those are the only two I've seen so don't feel bad.

M: I don't know if I can deal with the Notebook-induced sobbing.

A: Honestly, I don't remember much about it except that he was cute and that I shouldn't tell people I'd seen it.

A: I should also add that he was on Conan this week wearing a GREAT suit. Them pants were tight.

M: Just the way I like 'em.


M: Well, hello.


M: That is awfully nice.

A: He was very charming too, of course. OF COURSE. But, back to the pants:

M: They are very...thigh-forward. I appreciate that.

A: I swear it looked like he was going to split the seams. I was hoping.

M: Sigh. You are so dirty.

A: It's all your fault.

M: I am a LADY.

A: Okay, good luck with that.

M: I will not dignify that with a response.

A: Mmm hmm.


  1. It's the smile. He's got a great smile. Kind of like he's got a secret....a dirty, dirty secret.

  2. Hahahaha y'all crack me up! Ryan Gossling is just such a hunk, and you're right, I can't quite put a finger on why! I refuse to see The Notebook, but I did see Lars and the Real Girl (the closest thing approximating a "romance" that my stomach can handle) and All Good Things (he played the villain), and he was so magnificent in both!

  3. For some syrsly mad ryan love, watch Crazy, Stupid Love. It should suck but doesn't. And he starts out a scoundrel but. He has a HEART!

  4. What is it about him?

    He's actually from the city where I live and apparently during the Toronto Film Festival he was spotted near my place riding a bike.

    I'm just a little ashamed to admit, I went out for a lot of walks that week, hoping he might ride past me. He didn't though.

  5. you should both rent blue valentine immediately. broke.my.heart.

  6. He's HOT. He reminds me of my hot boyfriend. And his pants are not too tight. They fit properly. In general, most American men just don't know how to dress, so you're used to seeing men in baggy, ill-fitted suits. He's from Canada, and my bf is from Germany, so you know.....they know how to dress.....HOT!
    Thanks for the awesome post. You made my day. Your hot male posts are some of my most favorite.

  7. He's just straight-up sexy, which defies normal standards of "cute". I saw Crazy, Stupid Love a few weeks ago and when he took his shirt off, I said "Uh" out loud, kind of loud. And I was by myself, so I sounded even weirder.

  8. I think you nailed it, Deirdre. Straight-up sexy. Yep.

  9. Oh, and maybe I occasionally Google the picture of him carrying his (fucking adorable!) dog up an escalator. Maybe that's just something I do for me from time to time.

  10. I like the video of him breaking up the fight in the middle of the street. And the one of him talking about his dog's mohawk. Sigh.

  11. Have you guys seen this yet? http://feministryangosling.tumblr.com/

    I immediately thought of this post when I read it!