Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Um, Basically The Same One.

 Hahaha, you know what's funny? When you haven't done an outfit post in a while so you figure one out and then photograph it and then format it all up and then suddenly remember that the most recent outfit you posted is basically the exact same one. SO TOTALLY FUNNY. I'M THE WORST BLOGGER.

But also, this is real life, I guess. I wear the stuff I like a lot so it makes sense that I'd be excited to um, show you the joggers that I already showed you last month:

Yup, those Athleta joggers you already saw. But, here's the thing. I posted them with my Birkenstocks a few weeks ago and now look how cute with boots! It's in the 60s today so I suddenly was like, BOOTS NOW. I've been wearing these joggers a ton and the color is so perfect with nearly everything and they're comfy like pajamas but they're real damn pants. Also, they're on sale. You should buy them if you haven't already. There's also a cute utility version that's also on sale! Yay for comfy pants. 

I tucked my top in because I am trying to be all stylish or whatever but if we're being honest, I immediately untucked it afterwards, like so:

So much better. My top is an old one from Loft but this one is similar and probably much nicer quality. I also love this one by Lucky Brand and this one as well because it's so simple. Oh! And I really, really love this one by Joie because how pretty is that spice color? On to details: 

Big surprise, I'm wearing the exact same jewelry as last time because this is literally all I've been wearing. My beautiful moonstone earrings are from Three Flames Silverworks and my labradorite necklace was made by my friend Maryellen of Twist Style.

Here's another look at my leopard boots! I bought these at the end of last winter and only got to wear them a couple of times before the shut-down (outfit here.) I'd forgotten how great they are! They're still available in a few sizes and they also have this pair, but I don't like the print as much. For something similar, this Sam Edelman pair is cute and ugh, how great is this Kate Spade pair

So, that's it. You get the same outfit, more or less, but yay boots!