Thursday, September 24, 2020

Stuff I Like: This and That.

 I've had a crazy week and when I get busy the blog is the first thing to go (sorry, y'all) but I wanted to tell you all about a few new things I like real quick: 

The Phone Loop is a Revelation.
I was completely happy with my Love Handle until Marianne told me about the Phone Loop and I basically ordered one before she was even finished telling me about it. It's SO GOOD. It's readjustable so you can put it exactly where you want it and it's just the right amount of stretchy. It also sits really flat (the downside of the Love Handle) and comes in a bunch of colors. I currently have a clear case on my phone which means I can see the underside of the loop, which is fine but not very pretty, so I used it as an excuse to buy this new case. (It hasn't arrived yet so I can't say if it's good or not. Marianne's case above is by Burga.)

This Cleansing Balm You (Probably) Shouldn't Buy.
Ugh, you guys. I got a travel size container of Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm in my Allure box and I'm SO MAD AT IT. It's incredibly nice stuff but it's $64 for the full size. I am NEVER (okay, probably never) going to pay that kind of money for a cleanser but if you can get your hands on a sample (or the travel size, which they sell on the site), it's really so nice. It smells like an expensive spa (as so it should) and my face feels so good after I use it but nope. Get the hell out of here with your anti-aging cleanser. Ugh. 

This Show That Has Great Handbag Porn.
Have you watched The Duchess yet on Netflix? It's definitely one of those love-it-or-hate-it shows (like, do we need another unlikeable antihero show, probably not, but it didn't cause any pearl-clutching over here either.) It's not amazing but I was thoroughly entertained by the fashions and VERY much enjoyed irritating my boyfriend by shouting out the brand/estimated price of all her high end handbags. Watch it for the fashion alone, is all I'm saying. 

This Candle That Smells Like Autumn, For Real.
Marianne told me about this Urban Concepts Tobacco Vanilla candle and despite my suspicion that it would be too vanilla-cloying, it's actually really lovely. A good, rich tobacco pipe scent with a bit of creamy, warm vanilla and it's just cozy as anything. It has decent throw but doesn't knock you over and I like that it comes with a cork lid. Also, it's not crazy expensive! Just get it and lean into autumn. (I'm trying.) 


  1. I have a pop top or whatever they are called (it's round) (I googled, it's a PopSocket) which I like because there's an accessory that allows me to attach my phone to my dashboard for when I don't know where I'm going (I haven't lived here very long, so that's quite a lot of the time). But I kind of want to upgrade to the latest iPhone so I am wondering about other phone management devices which might also be stuck to the dashboard. I could get another popsocket, but where's the fun in that?
    tl;dr I need something that I can attach to the phone that I can also attach to the car

    1. I have Apple CarPlay in my car (which I love) so I don't have a recommendation for you when it comes to dashboard mounts, but I'm sure there are some good ones out there!

  2. Thank you for the link to the phone cases! I discovered a dream case for my child and ordered for the Christmas stocking!! My sister and I have an ongoing text convo that is all things Pop Socket, we want various sockets and cases and all the related things to change out on a whim or to go with our purse or outfit. They have cup sleeves now!!! I tend to have my phones for 3+ years so I get LOTS of cases! I have a blood orange candle and a pumpkin vanilla candle that doesn't smell sickly sweet. It is just hinting at fall without campfire smell (not a fan). I just got Beauty Counter samples of the CounterMatch line and I love it. I've been using Monat's Be Gentle line since last Christmas and it was really good for my tender, delicate, sensitive skin. I also finally turned i to a grown up and got tinted sunscreen (R&F radiant skin) and I love it. Goes on with no white cast, just enough coverage to dull my redness, doesn't irritate my skin and washed off nicely in the evening.