Monday, September 14, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Sweater Weather.

Marianne and I both have decided that this year we're going to stop being bummed out about autumn and instead we're going to embrace it. We've both always been Summer 4EVR! people but this whole year has been such a downer that instead of being sad about the end of summer, we're going to be happy af about a fresh new season. TOTALLY SO HAPPY. Anyway, in the spirit of this new effort, I went searching for some good sweaters to get us all in the mood:

This turtleneck sweater is actually a fleece top from Alo Yoga so it's basically fawncy loungewear.

My friend Kate just ordered this and I LOVE IT. Looks good from the back! 

I'm still contemplating a cozy gin cardigan from Barefoot Dreams. So soft. 

This crazy fun zebra sweater is Banana Republic! I was also surprised. 

Okay, technically this is a hoodie but it's also a knit so it totally counts as a sweater. Plus, HOW CUTE.

My favorite J.Crew Sophie cardigan now comes in a delightful plum color. I'm taking it personally.

I love this Sanctuary camo/leopard print long cardigan and it comes in straight and plus sizes

This one is just plain mean to include, but it's the cashmere gin cardigan of my dreams. 

And finally, this cheap n' cheerful oversized sweater from Old Navy just looks easy to wear. 


  1. I just ordered the Anthro tiger cardigan. It was on sale so I had to!

  2. I have a ridiculous number of those J.Crew cardigans, but they're really good. Am trying to talk myself out of needing a purple one...


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