Monday, December 12, 2011

Adrien: Inspiration

Do you ever see a photo in a magazine or catalog and just think, "THAT. THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO WEAR FOREVER AND EVER THE END." That happened to me with the new J Crew catalog:

Ooooh, right? I won't be buying any of it because:

a) the sweater has angora in it (why)
b) Minnie pants do not fit me
c) I have a bag just like that
d) I have a coat similar enough to that one
e) I do like the red flats better than mine. Hmm.

Anyway, I have enough similar-ish stuff that I thought I could do a pretty good approximation. Fun! So again, the original:

My dupe:

Not bad! I thought it could use improvement so I changed up the accessories a bit and liked it more:

Then I added a scarf because I like 'em:

turtleneck: unknown brand (J Crew version)
pants: Gap slim cropped pants
shoes: Chie Mihara
coat: Ann Taylor (J Crew version)
black bag: Andrea Brueckner (J Crew version)
red bag: vintage LV speedy (similar)


  1. I think I like your interpretation more, I love the scarf addition!

  2. Minnies don't work for me either, but I'd wearing my Gap skinny crops with a sweater and flats every single day if I could.

  3. That outfit was dying for accessories. I like your version best! :)

  4. I like your version even better- the shorter sleeves on the coat look great! and, swoon, those shoes...I wish Chie Mihara would make more red shoes that aren't suede!

  5. Thumbs up on your version for sure!

    You've been given a blog award. Check out my POST

  6. You did a great job grabbing inspiration from the catalog because I love your version even more!!

  7. Thanks, all! I had a lot of fun with this one.

    Closet Crisis, we're honored! Thanks!