Friday, December 9, 2011

Marianne: Adrien Pants.

Gratuitous Lulu outfit picture? Done. Moving on...

When I bought these pants, I assumed I would only wear them tucked into boots. After all, they were cropped on me, and I don't pull off cropped pants like my cohort does. Being tall, they just make me feel out of proportion and dumb.
OR DO THEY? I don't know, I felt pretty cute in these! They are such a fine wale corduroy that they almost look like velvet, which makes them feel a tiny bit fancy.
I'm also kind of digging this olive green/silver/black/white color palette, which is also not in my sartorial wheelhouse. New things! Look at me. This buys me at least a week of schlumping around wearing leggings and boots and sweaters, right?
Try anything new lately?

sweater: tag cut out, super old (similar here)
scarf: Target (similar here)
shoes: Frye Lisa T-Strap (similar here)


  1. very strange, when I clicked on the gap legging link, it took me to a youtube video of The Band....

  2. Very cute! But I don't understand why you think you can't pull off cropped? YOU ARE TALL.

  3. Link is fixed! Sorry about that.

  4. Page, that is the weirdest thing ever. How did it happen??

    I know I am tall, so I had a dark decade before premium denim when all pants were too short. So I feel awkward in cropped pants.

  5. That time is over and you are rocking those cropped pants.

  6. Yeah, taller women are the ones who CAN pull off the cropped look! You look great!

  7. I still love those shoes like nobody's business, so I am pro any outfit that highlights them.

  8. LULU!! I love her.

    You look fantastic. I think the cropped pants look is adorable on tall women and it looks great on you. I also really like the combo of colors in this outfit.

  9. I think you are a great height for this--not tall enough to make them look weird at all. I'm about 2" taller than you and I still wear cropped pants, because I like 'em and who cares?