Thursday, July 2, 2015

Adrien: And Then This Happened.

Hi! One more outfit this week because I wanted to wear a new top I just bought at TJ Maxx. I think it probably belonged in the teen department and it has that weird drop hem (stop that) but I love the print so much:

It's the Key Hole Tank by Rxb. Here's a closer look! If you look hard enough a sailboat might appear: 

Cute, right? It does have a little keyhole opening in the back but you can still wear a normal bra. I don't buy tops that require fancy underpinnings because who has time for that crap, right? Right. My necklace is a Giles and Brother Hook Pendant.

Details! I am wearing Ann Taylor white jeans that accidentally got thrown in the dryer so they have some stretching out to do. (Eep.) My bag is a Marc Jacobs collection pocket satchel via eBay but this green Furla satchel is a nice update and this little Target number is a great bargain compromise! My sandals are Chie Mihara and I've linked to the updated version a few times. (PS. They're on sale.)

I couldn't not include this one because someone has fallen out and it's not me. Overwhelmed by fashion, I presume. 


  1. Are you sure it's not a schooner hidden in that print?

  2. Love the top, jeans, shoes, bag...and the finally pic, both and kitty are gorgeous.