Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): The Madewell Sale Is Killing Me.

This one hurts, you guys. That gorgeous embroidered top I want is on sale at Madewell and now there's an extra 40% off with code EXTRA40 and ugh. I am sad because I can't justify it. Want to know what I did buy? A key fob. Seriously. (That is the saddest thing I've ever typed, but they are really nice looking.) It's a good sale! So good. Here's what I'd buy in a heartbeat if I could:

Geo-Shape Cuff Bracelet

Embroidered Fringe Tank

The Edie Metallic Sandal

The Glasgow Satchel 

Silk Trapeze Cami Dress 

Headliner Sunglasses


  1. It's still $98, that beautiful embroidered top...AND final sale. I cannot even with the final sale.

    1. Ah, but it's an extra 40% off $98, so very tempting...

  2. But it's a pretty key fob that would go perfectly with that satchel. :-)

  3. OK, I bought the satchel to help ease your pain.