Thursday, July 23, 2015

Adrien: Like A Real Grown Lady Person.

The other night I was out on a mountain bike ride and ran into some friends. We joked that we wouldn't know each other without our kits, helmets and whatnot. I said something like, "When I'm not on my bike I dress like a real grown lady person! You wouldn't even recognize me." Heh. So here's a grown lady person outfit:

This is an old Ann Taylor dress, one that I love. It's hard to find work-appropriate leopard print, amirite? Not impossible, though. I think this Vince Camuto number would definitely not get you fired and this one is just fun

Daniel has came by to make sure I didn't leave the house without some cat hair. I'm wearing my TOMS strappy wedges, which are seriously the most comfortable wedge I've ever owned. I would not just say that. Mine are a metallic linen they don't make anymore, but they come in lots of other cute patterns and colors.

My necklace is a charm pendant I bought a while back from Saks Off Fifth. I have a thing about charm pendants. I still think about this Lulu Frost beauty a lot. Sigh. My bag is an old Andrea Brueckner that I love because it reminds me of a Mulberry Bayswater, something I'll never own. (This MBMJ satchel would also do the job nicely, so no need for that kind of nonsense anyway.)

My bracelets are Giles and Brother skinny railroad cuffs, And oh, isn't the tiny key on my bag the best? I love a tiny key.


  1. Whenever I dress up for work I refer to my outfit as "Professional grown-up lady clothes" Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. A friend of mine wore that Ann Taylor dress to a funeral we had to attend recently. Completely coincidentally, I was wearing a python print dress ... we definitely brought the ROWR to the funeROWRal.

    Sorry! I'm giddy because it's Friday Friday Friday! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))