Monday, July 6, 2015

Adrien: I Try On Tops At Anthropologie.

Quick note: My photos should be clickable now! Hopefully I did it right. 

Sometimes I like to go to a store and just try a bunch of clothes on even if it's stuff I can't afford or that I'm pretty sure will look bad on me. You never know! Sometimes a top that looks great on the rack looks terrible on and sometimes a weird foldy thing will magically become good when you put it on a real human body. You have to try stuff on. Last week I swanned around Anthro grabbing whatever caught my eye (it's fun! You should try it!) then I took pictures. I feel like my face says a lot about what I think about the results.

First of all, the shorts I'm wearing are also Anthropologie and they were pretty cute and comfortable. They're the Pilcro Hyphen Chino Shorts. The striped tank is the Puella North-South Swing Tunic and it's on the sale rack for a reason. I'm wearing the small, or rather, it's wearing me. Too much of everything:

Next up is the Maeve Enna Tank which I think is pretty cute, just didn't quite work on me. It probably needed tucking in or something:

I did like that it isn't tunic-long and it comes in a bunch of different patterns. Worth checking out when it's on sale. Then we have this crazy badonk, the Meseta Tank. I'm not sure who this would look good on but it's not me. I have small shoulders and the yoke was REALLY small. It was strangling me:

It also made me look pregnant, so no thank you to that. I moved onto the Mazie Tank and I think my face says it all:

What am I hiding under there? My shame at wearing something way too young for me. Cute in theory, but not for me. Finally, I found this lone Velvet by Graham and Spencer Avocet Henley Tank on the last chance rack. It was not on sale which is too bad because I really liked it: 

Even better with a bit of shame-tucking:

I should finish by saying that I didn't buy anything but the shorts and I will probably return them because I still have those green BR shorts and they're too similar to keep both. I am a failure at shopping, you guys. I have no idea why you take any of my advice.


  1. Thanks for posting this! As someone on a self imposed clothes shopping hiatus, I love seeing your dressing room posts. Love the shorts and that last tank too!

  2. I feel as though tops right now have really weird shapes - there is a lot of big and floaty, and I'm not feeling it.

  3. I love this- thanks! Oh man- I had my eye on the meseta tank in browm but no, I don"t think its gonna work! Your faces are great (and legs fantastic!) nice shorts!

  4. Cool post, and funny...I try stuff on all the time- I love to. Just to see. Bonus; it's a workout, and when it goes on sale, you know if it looks good and what size to grab :)
    And why do you suddenly look 20 years old young lady? Would that be the Sunday Riley?? Gotta get me some ;)