Monday, July 27, 2015

Adrien: Embroidered. An Outfit and a Review

It's really nice to be able to post weekend outfits! This past Saturday I wore my new embroidered top which I picked up on super-sale from 310 Rosemont. They have good sales. It's really comfortable and satisfies my burning desire for an easy embroidered blouse.

Mine is by THML and I can't find it online, but they have a few others that I love. Like this one! Eep. And an embroidered dress too. It's not a trend that really screams "Me!" though so I didn't want to invest too much.  The only thing I'm not crazy about is how damn long the tassels are. If I don't tie it up in a bow they're down to my knees. Annoying.

Also wearing: my Lucky Brand roll-up shorts, my MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo (it's on sale!) and my Birkenstock Gizeh sandals. All the stuff I've been over-wearing all summer long. 

I'm sure one or two of you are all, "But what about that Lucky Brand embroidered top you were so crazy about?" Ah, that one. I did order it when it went on sale (tipped off by a reader, thank you!) and I was so excited to get it. Initially I was really pleased:

 Lucky Brand embroidered top
Lucky Brand embroidered top

It looks cute! A little bit see-through but cute enough. Until...

Side-boob gaping, y'all. It doesn't look that bad in this photo but it was pretty bad IRL. This armholes were too big and it was clearly designed for the small chested and it was just all badness. I don't generally like having to wear a cami under my tops in the summer (it defeats the entire purpose of light 'n floaty) and I will also admit that I wasn't a fan of the material. It's that kind of weird cotton blend that kind... of catches on things. I'm not explaining that right but it didn't feel very nice to touch. Anyway, I returned it.  The end. 


  1. If I owned the first one, I'd have cut the tassels off. Because that's how I am.

  2. Love your facial expressions! Happy face in the first pic; NOT happy in the last two.
    PS You could cut off the tassels, shorten and reattach.

  3. Too bad the second one didn't work out. On the plus side, your hair looks fabulous!


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