Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Adrien: Outfit I Just Bought.

Okay, quick story. I went shopping last weekend with Kate and Anthro had 20% off of everything. I tried on a bunch of weird crap like I do and fell in love with some weird distressed jeans. They weren't even flattering, I just loved how they felt on. So comfortable! So stupidly expensive! I mean:


Yeah, I know. Derp. But so comfortable! And still freaking $80. I left them there which was the right decision. We went to Banana Republic where I lamented that all the nice distressed denim was not on sale and I touched all the jewelry and we left without buying things. 

And then I went back because there was a necklace I couldn't stop thinking about and I tried on cute distressed jeans that magically were on sale (AND an extra 60% off) even though they weren't marked as such and I bought a great top and the necklace that were both 40% off and I felt like a winner...until all of these things got marked down further on the website plus an extra 50% off (BRFIFTY) because OF COURSE. But I am really happy with the stuff I got and the prices were really good and now they're even better. Anyway! Here it all is:

It's a cloudy day so the light is a little weird which makes it hard to photograph black clothes.  My top is the Linen Trapeze Tank and I loooove it. It's got a nice swing and the material is light and slubby and has a bit of a sheen. It comes in a few colors including this interesting saffron. It does run big though - I'm wearing an XS. Fingers crossed that it doesn't shrink because it's perfect. I like that it's longer in the back, but not in an obnoxious way:

Nice farmer's tan, dummy.

I loved a lot of the sale jewelry they had in store including these sweet little labradorite studs which I am still eyeing and these delicate hoops which are so, so pretty. Dammit. What I did buy is this Beaded Cone Pendant Necklace which I am super happy with. It looks expensive and has a little sparkle to it that dresses up whatever you wear it with. Plus, a pointy bit! My favorite.

And now, the jeans, which are the Distressed Skinny Ankle Jean in the Mia wash. You guys. These jeans are so freaking good that I was willing to pay way more than the price they rang up - $32. They are super-soft, have a comforting mid rise, and fit really well all over. Super comfortable and true-to-size. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the stitching around the distressed bits, but it doesn't bother me that much:

Not that you don't know this but my bag is a MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo and my shoes are old Chie Mihara (though this updated version is very similar and on sale.)

So, yay! I had a happy shopping trip and I hope this is helpful if you're on the fence. I will try to get better pics of the top the next time the sun is out but please take my word for it that it's a nice tank with a flattering swingy cut. 


  1. The less expensive distressed jeans look so much better on you than the more expensive distressed jeans! Hurray!

    1. It was definitely a happy ending! I didn't realize how terrible the first pair looked until I pulled up the picture.

  2. I actually think the first pair are cute, too, but it might be due to the charm of the top. The 2nd pair is soo flattering! Wish my store had them to try on.

    1. Just ordered them, do the jeans run and wear (do they overstretch out?? Did you size down like reviews said?

    2. Assuming you mean the BR pair, I went with my usual size. I just got them so I haven't worn them enough to know if they stretch out, but so far they haven't.

  3. If the jeans I ordered from the Gap don't work out, I'm ordering these.