Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Midweek Update.

 Hi! Sorry to be MIA, but things have been busy in my non-blog life (in a good way) and honestly, I'm just out of good ideas. I did want to give a few quick updates. FIRST:

I bought this tee after influencing myself and it's SO GOOD. It's also really on sale. I gasped when I pulled it out of the packaging and can't wait to wear it in a blog outfit. It's just everything I wanted it to be. I love that it's already got a worn-in look and isn't super obviously a band tee, plus it's got some cool studs and whatnot. It's just really cool and so good with jeans. It's also available without embellishment (the men's version) for even less. Lucky has really great graphic tees and a lot of them are 40% off right now! 

Next, thank you ALL for your help/suggestions/comments on my sunscreen allergy post. Things are going much better with my skin now that I've figured it out! I'm using mineral-only sunscreen right now, specifically MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème which is a little heavy on the silicone but otherwise is doing the trick. I have both the tinted and untinted versions, and I like the untinted better. I also have  It Cosmetics CC cream, which is VERY tinted so I use it as foundation. A little goes a long was which doesn't really work when you're trying to sunscreen yourself so I usually layer it over regular sunscreen.

A lot of you recommended EltaMD Clear, but it turns out that's a mineral/chemical combo. It's pretty much the same combo (Zinc Oxide/Octinoxate) as my beloved Skin Aqua Super Moisture Shower Milk sunscreen which I don't seem to be reactive to, but for now, I'm sticking with mineral-only formulations. My friend Kate recommended Tatcha The Silk Sunscreen which she loves but warns that the packaging is terrible. (They're apparently fixing it.) I have the mini size in my Sephora cart right now as I wait for my sad little 10% Insider discount tomorrow. 

Finally, I finished my re-read of The Witch Elm and I can confirm it's much better on the second read. The whole first 200 pages is the sub-plot which seems crazy (and really didn't need to be so long) but it's really an interesting look at "luck" and privilege with an unreliable narrator to boot. It's not Tana French's best, but it's beautifully written and worth another shot if you didn't get into it the first time. Now I'm reading Book Lovers by Emily Henry because I needed a light palate cleanser. So far, it's good but not great, which is fine. I am enjoying it but don't need it to change my life. 

That's it for today! I hope to be back tomorrow with an outfit post. 


  1. That’s so interesting to me that you read The Witch Elm again & liked it more. I just know if I can do it again—ha! Tana French is one of my favorite authors but that book was definitely not a favorite for me. Probably because it seemed so different from her others & maybe I was expecting things to turn in a way that would feel familiar. I’m sure I’m analyzing it too much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

    1. I think because I knew what to expect I could just appreciate it for the writing and let the story unfold without feeling like I had to rush to find out what happened. It's certainly not my favorite of hers but I definitely appreciated it more the second time.

    2. That makes sense. Thinking back on it, I was reading it, expecting & looking for “more.” It was certainly different from her other books that I’d read, so yeah, you’re spot on. Just appreciate her writing—it is fabulous.

  2. Have you read French's "Broken Harbor"? She is a favorite writer of mine, but for some reason that one has stayed with me more than others, with a storyline that felt original.

  3. 2 more amazing sunscreens for people with sensitive skin: Pipette (face/body) and Biossance (face)


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