Monday, November 28, 2022

Monday Mood: It's Crummy.

I'm back! I'm also sick because when you fling yourself out into the world of people you risk the chance of catching something, so of course I did. it's just a head cold but I am feeling crummy. I will definitely post about my trip later in the week, as well as some updates about the travel stuff I bought. (Spoiler: The AirFly is THE BEST.) 

In the meantime, I basically missed most of the good Black Friday deals though they seem to be leaking well into Cyber Monday, right? Before I left for my trip I did buy these Madewell jeans 50% off:

They were waiting for me when I got back and I tried them on briefly and I think they might be really good? I love a really dark-dark denim and the cut seems good. They're completely sold out but I bet you anything they magically come back into stock when the sale is over. Hmph. Madewell also has 60% off some specific items today. My pick is this beautiful flap bag

I will also probably take advantage of the 25% off Tatcha sale to buy a full-sized container of this mineral sunscreen:

My friend Kate recommended it and it's basically magic. Very expensive magic. It's the best mineral formulation I've tried so far! It sinks in, has a slight tint, and doubles as a primer if you wear makeup on top of it. It's just very, very good. 

I was also considering buying this (56% off Cyber Monday deal) cocoon coat from J.Crew which is, rudely, final sale, but it's sold out in my size so I guess not:

It's damn cute though, and comes in a bunch of colors, so I'm going to keep an eye on it. I mean, if it's such a best seller, why is it final sale, J.Crew? You're a bad boyfriend and I'm grumpy. 

One last thing, the Vuori raincoat I covet is most definitely NOT on sale but my excellent jacket has been marked down again! Go get it. 


  1. I have that exact coat and it's great. Looks better in person.

    1. Sadly, it's sold out in anything close to my size right now. How does the sizing run?