Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Outfit of the Day: New and Old Favorites.

Hello! Go vote. I'll wait. Now that's done, here's the Lucky Brand Bowie tee that is my new favorite thing in my closet:

Obviously my closet is not getting any more work-appropriate any time soon, but I really love this tee! It's got a great broken-in feel and is really fun to layer under jackets because it gives you a little bit of shine and interest without being too blingy. Plus, Bowie. 

My jeans are my usual pair of Madewell Perfect Vintage and I love the higher rise for tucking in a fun t-shirt. I was pretty excited to see that Madewell now has a Perfect Vintage flair jean and will definitely be trying those on the next time I'm in the store. I also have my eye on this pair of boyjeans. I'm also wearing my M.Gemi shearling clogs because now is the time! They're currently sold out of my exact style but this pair at Madewell also look quite cozy. Quick detail shot of my Bowie tee

The little studs on it aren't too shiny, just a little bit. I think it's really a cool effect and I hope it holds up after washing. (For delicate stuff: lingerie bag, always cool water, never in the dryer! Be nice to your things.) Now, it's time for a jacket: 

I impulse-bought this Vuori military jacket last fall because once I tried it on I couldn't not have it. It's the perfect lightweight layer: it has a hood, the fit is structured but comfortable, and I love the color. It's still available and on sale to boot! I'm wearing a medium and would say it's true-to-size. Also, in exploring the Vuori site I found this excellent raincoat and I want it so badly it's hurting my feelings. Sigh. Anyway, here's a closer look: 

 Such a good jacket! My bag is of course my quilted Rebecca Minkoff love bag which I'm still enjoying. The updated chevron version is on sale at Zappos. That's all I've got for today but my next outfit will feature my Quince batwing sweater which is quite a thing. Stay tuned. 

PS. Did you vote yet? Make that happen! Let's do this. 


  1. That jacket is great and I want it in the pale pink. I voted by mail so I don't have a sticker to show off. Boo. My library is also an early voting site, which I am proud of.

    1. Same! It's all mail-in ballots here so no sticker.

  2. The slim boyjean is so good! I tried them on in-store and liked them even more than the perfect vintage. - AM