Thursday, September 12, 2013

Price Blindness.

M: I kind of love these:

A: Cute! My only thing is, do you wear them without socks or what?

M: I think I'd wear them with tights or sockless with pants. They must be from a previous season. I need some black booties still.

A: Well, I have black booties now thanks to you. I'm all good on boots.

M: Oh please, you are never all good on boots. What about these?

A: Ugh, those are so good! Madewell is killing me right now. I would like the leather leggings and this linen t-shirt:

A: Because apparently I want nothing work-appropriate for fall.

M: Gaaaah, I love it.

A: Me too. So dumb.

M: Leather leggings might be too much even for my casual office, assuming I could shoehorn myself into them.

A: Well, and they're $550. WTF.

M: Lord. For $550 I want them to make me look like Emmanuelle Alt.

A: I would think so. In News of Disappointment, that Vince Camuto dress arrived and I don't think I've ever put anything less flattering on my body.

M: Oh heck. That's a bummer.

A: Eh, it's money I can put toward fall things. Also, as predicted, the Gap leopard flats were dreadful. I think I'm going Madewell on this one:

M: Gap shoes are made of sadness. Those are pretty perfect. Okay, one more pair of black booties. What do you think of these?

M: I am surprised they are Clarks. You know they would be comfortable.

A: Oh, those are good! Definitely comfortable.

M: As much as I want to be all bad ass stomping around in something like this, I need to be able to walk 10 miles in my shoes. I work in a huge building.

A: Oh my god that heel, I just cannot.

M: I would ACTUALLY die. Broken neck.

A: And what, exactly, is happening here?

M: I...don't...what?

A: Confusing.

A: This pair is absolutely perfect:

M: Those are real pretty.

A: We will ignore the price part.

M: Price blindness.

A: Exactly.


  1. Even if you had $600 for a pair of boots, that last pair would mean an entire season of strangers saying "Oh, excuse me, I think your boot is unbuckled," and you saying "No, it's supposed to look like that," and them looking at you like "Wha?!?!" and then everybody slinky away in embarrassment.

    Just my take on it. :-)

  2. Clarks styles have swung like a pendulum, if you will, and I think I like them!
    I have never met a Jeffrey Campbell shoe that did not tear my feet to pieces.

    My two cents.

  3. I love that last pair! I don't care if they're fake unbuckled.

  4. I spend a large portion of my online shopping time in the pre-fall and post-winter (sales!) obsessively browsing plain, black, leather ankle boots. The lower the heel, the better. The ultimate in beautiful, sleek ankle boots are always around $300 or more. Even though I would wear them 4 days a week I still can't bring myself to ever pull the trigger, so I end up with inferior boots and endless hours wasted searching.